P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home

Hello everyone!  

Thursday 23 April 2020    23.4.20

Thursday Challenge- we are learning to use our knowledge of place value to compare and order numbers.

Order these numbers from smallest to largest.

SUPER–  345    267    189   427    568    486    705    920    750

FANTASTIC– 2198    4036     6384     2745     4135    8206    4567    2509

SPECTACULAR 2807    5117    2354     5158    2837   9301  2308    5152

TOP TIP- if the first digit of each number has the same value, look at the next digit. If they     both have the same value, go to the next digit to compare the values.

Extra challenge – choose 2 of the numbers from your list.  Partition them then use the grid method to add them together. Do this 3 times.

Daily MathsWe are learning to use our knowledge of the 9 x table to make calculations.

TaskUse your knowledge of the 9 x table to make these calculations, Some of these are ‘switchers’ so just spin them around to make them all about groups of 9.

For example 9 X 3 =   is 3 X 9

SUPER– 1and 2          FANTASTIC – 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5     SPECTACULAR– 1 TO 1O

TOP TIP– Use RUCSAC forreal- life’ problems.

R-READ the question carefully.

U-UNDERSTAND what the question is asking you to do.

C-CHOOSE the method.

S– SOLVE the calculation.

A– ANSWER the question – show your understanding by using the correct words.

CCheck your answer using the inverse (opposite calculation).


Daily Spelling – choose a spelling activity for this week’s rule.

Add 2 ‘High Frequency’ words from your list to your activity.

Daily Literacy – we are learning to develop our writing skills including our use of common nouns and proper nouns,                      

Improve this story starter below, just as we do in class. Use describing words and openers to engage the reader.

Sean looked out at the ocean in front of him. He felt the wind blow against his face as Titanic moved through the water. He turned and walked towards some stairs.

Continue to write a short paragraph about Sean’s first Day travelling in Third Class on board  Titanic. Think carefully about how you will be able to use common nouns and proper nouns. Can you show your skills?

We are learning to develop our reading skills.

As well as completing this week’s reading task, enjoy reading for pleasure for at least 30 minutes each day.


P.E. Included in this PowerPoint are some suggestions for developing our skills and fitness.

Physical Education Activity Grid – First Level


Have a good day everyone!