Learning together at home 24.4.20

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday

Cheryl from Fairmilehead Church has been in touch to say that the lovely big pot of daffodils at the church door won’t last too much longer.  She is wondering if anyone would like to paint stones and leave them at the church door when passing on their daily exercise. It could be a stone painted with a rainbow, some flowers, or anything else you would like to paint. The idea is that when this difficult time is over, we will keep all the stones as a memory of how the community looked after one another.

Below you will find your numeracy and literacy tasks for today and Monday morning. I have also included some mandarin at the bottom of the page. If you find anything tricky I will be on our team page at various points throughout the day to answer any questions.

The learning grid is attached below. Try to have a go at one or two of these tasks each day.

P5 Learning Grid WB 21.04.20


Mental maths

I have set a challenge on SUMDOG for you, it is all about fractions. please try to finish it today. Fractions are linked to division – for example If I ask you to work out 1/3 of 27. The calculation would be 27/3 which is = 9.



We are going to continue with our work on time today. Its all about estimation, remember we have discussed estimation before and we discovered it was not just a guess. We had to think about the task and what it involved and make an educated guess.

Learning Intention

We are learning how to estimate and then measure how long something has taken.

Choose 5 activities you can do from home. For example:

  1. Clean your room.
  2. Write your name 10 times.
  3. Throw and catch a ball in the air 25 times.
  4. Play a board game with your brother or sister.
  5. Write out the alphabet.

For each activity:

  • Estimate how long you think it will take.
  • Set a timer (you can use this link if you do not have one at home: https://www.online-stopwatch.com/ )
  • Complete the task.
  • Was your estimate accurate?

Now create your own time challenges.

We worked on calendars yesterday and the following sheet will check your understanding.

Writing the date

Next week we will be looking at duration’s and periods of time, please play the following game to practice before we begin. Its good fun and has lots of different challenges.




Learning Intention

We are learning how to write a set of instructions

As I posted on yesterday’s blog, I have been trying to get Elijah to help me with some simple cooking in the kitchen. Your writing task today is to write a set of instructions in the style of a recipe. It doesn’t need to be a complicated recipe. It could be a sweet treat, a simple pasta dish or even a healthy snack.

Success criteria ( What steps can I follow to be successful)

· I can put my steps in chronological (time) order.

·I can use simple precise language.

·I can use Imperative (bossy) verbs.

Remember to use the Success Criteria to check you have included everything at the end of your writing.

Before you get started, I have included an example of a piece of work which follows the success criteria, have a look.

Perfect Pancakes

It would be fantastic to see some of your instructions, please upload them to our teams page. If you open the shared work literacy folder, it is simple to upload from there. Please try not to email it to the school admin account.

I have attached Stefan’s video again just in case you want to watch it.


ERIC Reading

Please remember it is also important to try to spend time each day completing silent reading on a book of your choice. Try to aim for a minimum of 30 minutes.

There are also stories on audible which are free to listen to, they have lots of great titles.


This is another website where you can enjoy listening to stories being read.



Remember to use the spelling document and practice your words and the spelling rule again. Today you could ask an adult to test you by using a dictation, remember this is where we put the word into a sentence.


Learning Intention

We are learning to spell a set of words accurately using different activities

Word of the Day – “indulgent”

Remember to copy the word into the back page of your jotter, then find and record the definition.

Task:  Write a paragraph using the sentence starter below

Anthony’s indulgent lifestyle was getting out of control …


I have uploaded a powerpoint about the weather in our team, it was too large a file for the website. It is in the resources for other subjects folder please read through this and try learning the different types. At the end of the PP there are two tasks for you to do, one is to create a weather wheel and the second is to record the weather in mandarin for next week.

Mrs Fishwick has created quizlet flashcards to help you with this, use the link below to access them. They help with all the pronunciation of the weather and there are some games too.



Hope you have a fab weekend and see you back here on Monday