Learning together at Home. P1 Divine Dragonflies 24.04.2020

Good morning, Dragonflies!

It is Friday already. I hope you had a lovely week and you have enjoyed being back to learning at home. I know it is not the same as being together. I miss you all, I miss chatting to you and learning together however I am sure that you are having a great time learning at home.

Here are some photos of your learning at home from this week. I love them!


Look at some writing pieces from this week. Fantastic work!







Please use the sheet below from your pack.


Today we are going to work on e and i.  The letter e should be always the same size: a square and between the lines, touching the top and the bottom lines. The letter I needs to be tall and straight, we use the side of the square to help us to make it straight.

Review of sounds


As mentioned before your child might find this tricky but it is a fantastic way to see if your child understands the system behind reading and writing.  Your child will have to listen to the sounds within the spoken word recall the letter/s that correspond with the sounds and then record them. This strategy helps children to understand that individual letters/sounds make up words and words, ‘with spaces’, go together to make a meaningful sentence.

We will start with dictation of words that we have been working on this week as well as tricky words. If your child feels confident and you think is ready for a challenge you can do a sentence afterwards.

Remember to always model: first with one word and later with one sentence).


  • Adult: foil and joy
  • Children: boil, soil, coin/ boy, toy, joy



  • Adult: Kim put the seed in the soil.
  • Child: Kay hid the new toy in the box.

When doing a word:

  • Say the word.
  • Think aloud how many sounds you can hear in that word.
  • Use your fingers to count the sounds.
  • Think aloud again that some sounds are made by more than one letter (like the ones we have been learning this week).
  • Write each letter/ sound and check if there are the same number of letters as sounds (it will not be the case with this week’s words).
  • Check if you are right (sometimes is okay to make mistakes so your child can correct them and to make them aware that is okay to make mistakes).

When doing a sentence:

  1. Please model the first sentence to your child, highlighting the capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. Point to each word as you read it aloud.
  2. Explain that your child is now about to write a different sentence and then dictate (read aloud) the second sentence noted below.
  3. Ask the child to repeat the sentence back to you to ensure they have heard it correctly.
  4. Discuss how many words there are in the sentence, what the first word in the sentence is and remind them that the first word will have a capital letter.
  5. Ask your child to write the word, vocalising each sound as they write it.
  6. Remind them of finger spaces between the words.

Repeat this process for each remaining word

  1. Once they have written the whole sentence, ask them to read it back to you – pointing at each word as they read.
  2. Ask the child what happened in the sentence and remind them to use a full stop at the end.

Numeracy and Maths


Please see attached Word document with SEAL activities for today

Ten frames

General Tasks for the week:

Forward and Backward number sequences:

Counting in 1s: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/znfk8xs

Counting in 2s: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zkjv382




Provide a variety of food images cut from magazines, printed out from the Internet or drawn. Students plan a picnic and choose the food they want to bring along. Using a ruler and scissors, cut portions of their food choices into fractions (halves) and glue them to a paper plate. – You could also do this with real food. Always remember to focus on the key vocab – halves, quarters, equal.


Letters and Sounds Games:



Challenges 21.4.2020


Special Activity

This activity is a great one. You can do it over time and if you don’t have a printer you can make your own one using the bits that you like. This will be a special memory for your children to keep!

Time capsule activity PDF

2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets.pdf (1).pdf.pdf


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Stay safe!


Mrs de Bonrostro