P2c Learning Together at home 24.4.20



On a Friday in school we’d normally do dictation on our focus sound/words of the week. This is when I read the words out to you and you try to spell them correctly in your jotters.  This is our last week of focusing on compound words, so ask an adult at home to read the following compound words to you and have a go at spelling them in your jotter or on a whiteboard. Then ask your adult to check them.  You can also find more compound word lists on Spelling City

  • airport
  • beachball
  • ladybird
  • popcorn
  • butterfly
  • handbag
  • cupcake



Choose 3 compound words, write 3 sentences with your chosen words in them and underline the compound word. Remember to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and neat handwriting.


I baked a cupcake and it was delicious.

Numeracy and Maths

  • We are learning to add and subtract with increased speed and accuracy.
  • We are learning to work on speed and accuracy of doubles and halves

If you have access to a laptop or tablet click the link below to play the quick-fire game Hit the Button. From the menu choose questions on number bonds, doubling and halving to support your learning this week. They are differentiated to support and challenge individual progression.

Hit the Button

If you can’t access the link then ask an adult at home to ask you a selection of quick-fire addition, subtraction, doubles and halves questions.

Thank you for all the holiday updates.

****Friday Photos****


Some people had a super-energetic holiday – I was exhausted just watching this !

I am a Super-Speller !

Look at my birdfeeder.

Do you like my random stuff rainbow ?

We made giant hugs to send to our grandparents.

I enjoyed my Easter holidays very much. I turned 7.

I decorated eggs !

I got a new desk for my birthday.

I am laughing at Dirty Bertie !


Health and Wellbeing

We have now been on lockdown for what seems like a very long time and it has really made me think of all the things I am missing and all the things I am grateful for. Have a discussion with your adults at home of the things you are grateful for and if you like you could draw a picture or write a list to remind you.

This is the start of my list

Family and friends, Dog walks, Blackford Hill, Sunny weather, Books


From Monday 27th April P2c and P2g will be following this timetable  ( Weekly Planner P2C and P2WG  }  for posting learning activities. Daily blog posts will provide further details of tasks and activities as well as quick links to helpful websites. You can, of course, choose to do the tasks on any day – not necessarily on the day of posting.  Please do only what is manageable for your child and your home circumstances and as always, please do email us with your fantastic photos and evidence of your learning. We love to see what you are doing.

**Keep smiling everyone, and have a lovely weekend**