Learning Together at Home. P1 Divine Dragonflies 27.04. 2020

Good morning my Dragonflies!

How are you? I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and you are ready for a week full of fun.

Here is the overview for the week.

Table Planner WB 27.04.2020

As you know I will be posting every day at 12.00. As I mentioned before these ideas are guidelines. Please don’t feel you have to do everything. I always put different ideas just in case you want to try something new.

Literacy Activities


Today we will learn the sound ou.

Please find attached the power point

ou sound

Some examples: loud, shout, out, mouth, south.

You could use the words above to make flash cards.

Here are 2 games for you to play to practise these sounds. These games can be played with 1 child and an adult at home.

Challenge – How many words using ou can your child write in 5 minutes?  Here is a link to a timer you child might enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ioMY-gpP1U

Our tricky word today is into.

Please practise spelling and reading this word. To practise recognising these words give your child a highlighter and see how many they can find in a magazine!

I have attached two PowerPoints to the blog Block 1 and Block 2  tricky words. Please use these to see if your child can read a write them. You could also use magnetic letters or scrabble letters to make them if letter formation is tricky for your child.

Block 1 pp

Block 2 pp

Remember to change the order of your slides as children are great at memorising the order!

Challenge: If your child can read all of the words quickly and confidently test how well they can independently spell the tricky word when you read them out loud (just like dictation).


Please read the story with your child. Remember to take time to read it so your child can make predictions about what might happen next and why she/he thinks this might happen. Point out new words and talk about other words that could be used to express the same idea.

Cheetahs: Strawberry Jam.

Dolphins: The water fight.

Lizards: Cat in a bag.

Lions: Kipper’s birthday.



Can you design a poster similar like this one to show ‘whole’, ‘half’ and ‘quarter’?

fractions photo

You could use different fruits, foods or shapes!

Be as creative as you like – maybe you could create this artwork in the garden!

Challenge: Can you divide any shapes/food into other fractions you know?

Fractions story/game:


Fractions story

‘If You Were A Fraction’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRpz4E3nEvU


General ideas

Literacy: Rainbow writing

Write as many tricky as you can. Here are some to get you started: I, me, go, you, was.


      Colour in pictures of the Scottish and French flags.

       You could use the links below if you need a template.

  • Find out an interesting fact about Scotland and an interesting fact about France.
  • Can you find out at least one food that Scotland is famous for and one food that France is famous for?
  • We live in Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland. Can you find out which is the capital city for France?
  • If you were going to France you could get there in lots of different ways for example by car, boat or aeroplane. Can you draw a picture of how you would most like to travel there?
  • Can you draw your own picture of a famous Scottish building and a famous French building?

Physical Education Home Learning Challenge

Task 1: Problem Solving

Can you help your parents match the socks that come out of the washing machine?

Task 2: Focus & Concentration

Can you go for a walk or watch from the window and count how many moving things you see?

Task 3: Decision Making

Can you decide which is the fastest way to move up and down your garden?

Create Shapes​

This simple balancing game just needs a space and a dice (or even 1 – 6 number cards in a tub). Once a number is chosen, you must create a balance with that number of body parts. What shapes can you create? ​



Growing seeds

Some of you have been planting in your garden. This is an activity that you could do in your garden an indoors.


Please remember that you can do all , some or none of the activities suggested here. Do what you can do: what suits your family and your situation. Your family’s wellbeing should be your priority.


Take care.


Mrs de Bonrostro