Monday 27th April 2020 – Learning at Home Together

Good Morning P4J 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend!

Below are the tasks for Monday.

Remember to complete the tasks set on Sumdog.


L.I We are learning to round to the nearest 10

Daily Morning Challenge: 

Round each number to the nearest 10. For example: 473 = 470 , 475 = 480.

Remember when rounding to the nearest 10, we look at the ones digit. If the digit is 0 to 4 then we round down to the nearest 10. If the digit is 5 to 9 then we round up to the nearest 10.

Mild –  48   23   15    79     22    12     58     72      98

Spicy –  483    583    847   261   475     573     284     591

Hot –  9284    5732    4727     5748     1837      3923      4884    2839


L.I We are learning to spell unfamiliar words using our spelling rule.

Spelling rule for the week: to make a plural form to words ending in ‘f’ or ‘fe’.

Words ending in f/fe form their plurals by changing the ‘f’ to a ‘v’ and adding ‘es’.

Daily Spelling Activity Task: choose a different spelling activity from the pack that you have at home and remember to Look, Cover, Write, Check.

Spicy – loaf/loaves, wife/wives, scarf/scarves, shelf/shelves, leaf/leaves, wolf/wolves, elf/elves, 

Hot – knife/knives, calf/calves, half/halves, life/lives, thief/thieves, hoof/hooves, self/selves, yourself/yourselves

Tricky words – more most


L.I – We are learning to multiply and divide by 9. 

Daily Maths Task:

Write out your 9 times table. Then say it backwards. 

Work on the calculations that you find tricky – if you get stuck, go to a calculation that you know and either add on 9 or take away 9 to find the answer.

Write down the division fact family. For example,  1 x 9 = 9 , 9 ÷ 9 = 1

Complete the ‘multiplying and dividing by 9’ sheet in your home learning pack.

Extra challenge: Complete the multiplication fact families for your sheet.

For example  – 5 x 9 = 45 ,   50 x 9 =  450,      500 x 9 = 4500


L.I: We are learning to visualise the text through showing our understanding of characters in a text.

Weekly Reading Task: Read 20-30 pages of your reading book.

Word Finder Task: Write down 8 ambitious words from your reading book. Draw a table like the example below, using a ruler. Can you write a definition for each word based on the information in your reading book? Or use a dictionary to find the definition.

Remember to read a book of your choice for pleasure every day for 30 minutes.

See the source image

We are continuing to develop our listening skills by listening to Elevenses at 11am with The World of David Walliams. Find the link at Buckstone Buzz.


L.I. We are learning to create a mind map.

Weekly Topic Task: Your task is to research four jobs onboard the Titanic. For example, one job you may choose could be a ‘Lookout’. Once you have chosen four jobs, research the following questions for each job:

  • What skills did they need for the job? (choose at least 3)
  • What were their main duties? (research at least 2)
  • Where did they work on the ship?

Display your research in a mindmap. I have started an example for you below. Remember that your mindmap should be evenly spaced out, clearly written and you may wish to add colours as I have done.

These websites may be helpful for your research: 


Weekly French Task: Have a look for at the French Challenges in the link below to find similarities and differences between France and Scotland.

Modern Languages week 1 First level

French expression of the week:


L.I: We are learning to develop our fitness.

Daily P.E Task:  choose a daily task to challenge yourself!


Have a lovely Monday Jumping Jigglypuffs 🙂