P2 Warty Gruffalos Learning Together at Home

Good afternoon Warty Gruffalos, it’s marvellous Monday today!

The weather was so lovely over the weekend, so we spent lots of time in the sunshine in our garden and even had a BBQ too!

The same as before, our daily blog is attached as a Word document, however now all the links to websites, learning activities/grids and worksheets which will support your learning are attached on the blog, just underneath the Word document.

Please let us know if there are any issues. Just click on the links below to get started on your learning. 

Word Document:

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Here are the links, PowerPoints, resources and worksheets you can use to support your learning:



Spelling Selection Grid

Blank Word Search

The Cautious Caterpillar Story

Tricky Word Spelling Game

Letter and Sound Games

Letter Sound and Punctuation Game


Halves and Doubles Differentiated Worksheets

Doubles and Halves Games

NRICH Double or Halve?


Function Machine

Interdisciplinary Learning

Minibeast Spotter Game

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Minibeast Theme


P.E Challenge Grid