P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!

Monday 27 April 2020     27.4.20

Monday Challenge- We are learning to round numbers to the nearest ten.

Top Tip- the rule is–  5 and up – round up!   4 and below – round down!

You can draw a number line to help you.   Is 123 closer to 120 or 130?

SUPER– 43   76   25   62     88   29    84   17

FANTASTIC – 67    234     657     806    525    293   579

SPECTACULAR – 235    406     815     1343    4546     7242    5014

Daily Maths– we are learning to use our knowledge of the 9 X tables to make division calculations.

Task– Write down the 9x table. Say it out loud, whisper it, sing it!  Focus on your ‘hot-spots’ these are the table facts you need to work on. Remember, you can use the patterns in the table to help you.

Write the corresponding division fact families beside your times table.

Task – without looking at your tables, find the answers:

Extra Challenge– Make up 4 ‘real-life’ multiplication problems using 9 X table calculations.



Weekly reading taskWe are developing our reading skills by developing our vocabulary. We are finding ambitious words that we can use in our own writing.

Read 20 – 30 pages of your team reading book

Word Wizard– As you read, make a note of any interesting words that you don’t know the meaning of. 

Next, write these down in a well spaced out list. Write down the meaning of the word next to each, either using clues from the text to work out the definition or a dictionary. You should have at least eight words and their meanings neatly written on your list. 

Reading for Pleasure- To develop your reading skills remember to spend around 30 minutes each day  reading for pleasure.

Spelling – We are learning to apply rules to improve our spelling.

Daily Spelling Activity Task: choose a different spelling activity from the pack that you have at home and remember to Look, Cover, Write, Check.

Spelling rule for the week: to make a plural form to words ending in ‘f’ or ‘fe’.

Words ending in f/fe form their plurals by changing the ‘f’ to a ‘v’ and adding ‘es’.

FANTASTICloaf/loaves, wife/wives, scarf/scarves, shelf/shelves, leaf/leaves, wolf/wolves, elf/elves, 

SPECTACULAR knife/knives, calf/calves, half/halves, life/lives, thief/thieves, hoof/hooves, self/selves, 

Tricky words – more, most

Topic task for the week: We are developing our research skills and note- taking skills.

Before starting this task, you will need permission from a parent/carer to go online and remember to end your search with ‘for kids’.

Task Find out about the crew of Titanic. How many crew were on board?

Activity Skills we are developing- organising information on a mind-map.

Choose four members of the crew. Find out the skills needed for their jobs on board, the work that they would do on board, the uniform they would wear, the qualities your member of the crew would need to have.

Show this information on a clear, well organised mind-map. ‘Crew’ can be your title in the middle then draw your triangle shaped branches, each showing the information about a member of the crew. Your small, detailed illustration for each, could show your crew members in the clothes they wore on board Titanic.


First class passengers on Titanic were able to enjoy listening to music whilst dining. The musicians played instruments including the cello, violin and piano,

Music We are learning about the instruments in an orchestra.

We are developing our knowledge of the composer Beethoven.

Go to BBC Ten Pieces using the link below.

Scroll down until you find Ludwig Van Beethoven – it is the 15th clip.

Watch both clips. Enjoy watching and listening to a full orchestra perform Beethoven’s Symphony No5 (1st movement).

We will learn more about the orchestra next week!


French– We are developing our knowledge of the similarities and differences between Scotland and France.

Modern Languages First level (P2)

Have a good day!