Learning together at home. P1 Divine Dragonflies 28.04.2020

Good Morning my Dragonflies!

How are you today? I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday although the weather is starting to get a  little bit cold.

I have been colouring my front doorstep with my girls using chalk. We used triangles and we will be using different shapes. Look at this! We had great time.


Literacy Activities


I hope you liked your book this week. Could you try to read the book without help to an adult? Afterwards you could retell the story to an adult. Are there any words that you haven’t heard before? Are there other words that you can use instead of a word in your book?

Complete the worksheets attached to each book.

Cheetahs: Strawberry Jam.

Strawberry jam

Dolphins: The water fight.

the water fight

Lizards: Cat in a bag.

Cat in a bag

Lions: Kipper’s birthday.

Kipper’s birthday


Here are some ou words: loud, shout, our, out, foul, south, mouth, noun. Try these games with your ou words.

Across and down.


Jumbled words.


Tricky word this week are: into and here. Please practise spelling and reading these words.


Please look in your pack for the sheet below with letters. i, h, g.


  • We always start where the dot is, we go from the low left corner of the square to the top right corner of the square.
  • We use the lines on the paper to help us to follow.




As mentioned before we use SEAL to work on numeracy skills and strategies. There are different chapters in the book and we move to the next chapter once the child has mastered the skills in that chapter.

Please find attached the guide for the first two chapters. Most of the children are working in Chapter 5 however a few are working in Chapter 6. These are for reference not to test your child. When working on SEAL we repeat the same activity a few times to ensure that the child has mastered that skill.

6 Teaching the Perceptual Child

5 Teaching the Emergent Child

Today we are going to be working on number structures. Copying and counting temporal sequences of movements. Please find exercise attach, no extra resources are needed.

This activity involves coordinating a word with a simple physical action.

Six Minute SEAL. Emergent 5.6

Counting in twos

Please if you have the opportunity revise this skill. We have done this up to 10 but you could try to go further if you want. This lesson from bitesize is useful.


General Ideas

Revision of ordinal numbers

We have worked ordinal numbers at school, would you like to see what you remember?



1. Colour in pictures of the Scottish and French flags.


2. Find out an interesting fact about Scotland and an interesting fact about France.

3. Can you find out at least one food that Scotland is famous for and one food that France is famous for?

4. We live in Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland. Can you find out which is the capital city for France?

5. If you were going to France you could get there in lots of different ways for example by car, boat or aeroplane. Can you draw a picture of how you would most like to travel there?

6. Can you draw your own picture of a famous Scottish building and a famous French building?

Physical Education Home Learning Challenge

Task 1: Problem Solving

Can you help your parents match the socks that come out of the washing machine?

  • Task 2: Focus & Concentration

Can you go for a walk or watch from the window and count how many moving things you see?

  • Task 3: Decision Making

Can you decide which is the fastest way to move up and down your garden?

  • Create Shapes

This simple balancing game just needs a space and a dice (or even 1 – 6 number cards in a tub). Once a number is chosen, you must create a balance with that number of body parts. What shapes can you create?


 Growing seeds Science:

Some of you have been planting in your garden. This is an activity that you could do in your garden an indoors.


Expressive Arts

Every year The National Galleries organises an amazing Art Competition. This year due to school closures they are allowing family entries, please see links below. I would encourage your children to create artwork for it. They also do weekly challenge activities for families.



Have a lovely Tuesday!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me through the school email account if you need anything.


Mrs de Bonrostro