P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home

Hello everyone!

Tuesday 28 April 2020    28.4.20

Tuesday Challenge – We are learning to develop our addition skills.

 Task – challenge yourself with our ‘Tuesday Ten’ on Topmarks Daily 10 online- choose addition  on the menu. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10

SUPER–  LEVEL 1                   FANTASTIC –  LEVEL 2                     SPECTACULAR– LEVEL 3

Have a warm-up first then either increase the level or decrease the time to make your learning even more challenging.

Daily Maths- We are leaning to use our knowledge of the 9 X table to divide by 9.

Task– Write out the 9 X table then the matching division facts beside it.

Without looking, use these facts to complete today’s division task.

Complete numbers 1, 2 and 3a, b, c and d.


Extra Challenge- Using your knowledge of counting in 9s, write down 5 numbers, greater than 90 that can be divided by 9 without having any left over.

Continue working on Your Sumdog challenges.

Daily Literacy- We are leaning to identify and use verbs.

Go to the link:


Task- Watch the clips then complete activities 1and 2.

For activity 2, make Titanic the subject for your sentences.

Reading task– Word wizard- find the definitions of interesting words from your team reading book or the book you are reading for pleasure,

Reading for Pleasure– develop your reading skills by enjoy a fiction or non- fiction text for at least 30 minutes.

Spelling task– we are developing our spelling skills. See yesterday’s rule. Choose an activity from your chart.

Here is a copy of the Edinburgh Sound Chart. It will also help you to develop your spelling skills.



Topic Task- continue finding out about the crew of Titanic. show you information on a min-map. 

Music– We are developing our knowledge of the composer, Beethoven.

Enjoy yesterday’s clip.

P.E.-develop your skills and fitness using by participating in the activities included in the PowerPoint sent out last week.

Enjoy your day everyone!