P3 Handwriting – Wednesday 29 April

You might want to complete the warm-ups (in the link given last week) before you begin.

Today we are going to be developing our skills forming the letters b,h,k and l.

As usual, if you have been working on longer paragraphs, continue to do this but pay special attention to the above letters today. If you have been working on non-cursive letters, choose if you want to continue with them or have a go at some cursive letters.

All of these letters go right up to the ‘sky’. Please make sure you take them all the way to the top of the line, like I will show you, when you are forming your letters today.

Can you remember our ‘Star Steps’?

  • Hold your pencil correctly (see previous video).
  • Sit with good posture; up straight, feet on the floor and no leaning on your hands or arms whilst writing!
  • Start each cursive letter from the same position on the line.
  • Keep your pencil on the page until you are finished writing a word.

Start off by writing today’s date in your handwriting jotter.

The first letter we are going to form is ‘b’. Complete a line of these. Make sure you go up to the red line each time.

Next, try ‘h’. It’s really important to go all the way to the top of the red line. You don’t want your ‘h’ to be mistaken for an ‘n’.

Now try ‘k’. Again, all the way to the red line.

Finally, complete a row of ‘l’.

Now try some words and a sentence using the letters we have looked at today. Remember to go all the way up to the red line.

Don’t forget to self-assess!

I hope you all have a lovely day!