P3 Science – Wednesday 29 April

Yesterday, we were learning about the basic parts of a plant. Here is my completed diagram. Do your labels say something similar?

Today, and for the rest of the week, you are going to take a look at one of the ways we depend on different parts of a plant.

Plants as Food

We eat the different parts of a plant all the time without even thinking about which part of the plant we are eating.

Here are some parts of different plants that I ate yesterday and earlier today:

I had some sunflower seeds on my porridge this morning! The seed is needed to grow new plants.

Watch the clip below about growing seeds.


I like crunchy carrots! Did you know that carrots are the roots of the plants they come from?

Learn more about roots in this clip:


I had some Tenderstem broccoli with my tea last night. It has a long stem that can be eaten and the part at the top is the plant’s flower, with the buds still closed. Tenderstem, is a different variety of broccoli than the one more commonly seen in supermarkets. We don’t eat the stem in the more common variety but we do eat the flowers.

I love apples! We all know that an apple is a piece of fruit. The fruit is the part of a flowering plant that holds the seeds inside. The seeds are needed to grow more plants. Think about the fruit that you eat – can you think about what the different seeds look like?

I like to add cinnamon to my porridge or to fruits such as apples, melon and pears. Did you know that it comes from the inner bark of particular trees?

Find out more here:


I enjoy a nice salad, and usually eat some leaves as part of it. Do you eat lettuce, cabbage or spinach? These are all leaves.

Which parts of a plant do you eat?

Complete this activity with adult supervision

Your task this week is to find out which part of a plant some of the foods you eat all the time come from. Make a table like the one shown below, and, together with an adult in your household, keep a record of the parts of a plant you are given to eat for one week. If you eat something more than once during the week, you can give tick each time you eat it or use tally marks (like I have done for blueberries) if you know how to do this. Remember, we only ever eat plants that we know are safe to eat. Some of the plants and berries we see growing outside are poisonous and could really hurt us. Sometimes, the berries we see on plants look like other berries we eat, but they are actually very different. There are lots of plants we cannot eat any part of and it would make us very ill to do so.

Only eat the fruit and vegetables (parts of a plant) given to you by an adult in your household. Do not eat anything without asking first and don’t go eating extra food to fill in your chart! We are recording the food we would be eating anyway. I don’t want to be unpopular with the person in your house who buys all the food! The chart could be based on someone else in your household if you don’t like eating lots of different fruit and veg.

Make your chart as colourful and interesting as you like. Hang on to it, as we will use it next week.