P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home

Hello everyone!

Wednesday 29 April 2020   29.4.20

Wednesday Challenge- we are learning to round a number to the nearest hundred.

Top tipLook at the tens digit–  5 tens and above- round up to the next hundred,  4 and below- round down!

You can also place the number on a number line.

For example    200        243                           300

243  is closer to 200 than 300.

2300                             2364             2400

2364 is closer to 2400  than 2300

SUPER-     124      246        385      732       671       659       256

FANTASTIC – 361       294    732     694     352     742      806

SPECTACULAR-  234       703     1263      2481     6539     4567

Daily Maths- We are developing our knowledge of the 3,6 and 9 x table.


Extra Challenge– Make up 3 more ‘real-life’ calculations which develop our 3 X,  6 X and  9X  division skills. Key vocabulary- share, equal, between, each.

Sumdog-we are learning to develop our Time and Times Table skills. Try this week’s new challenges.


Daily Literacy -We are learning to use interesting and exciting verbs to improve our writing skills.

Go to the link   https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zfc2mfr

Watch the clip again.

Task= Activity 3

Use the verb list to write an exciting paragraph about the gorilla monster arriving in town.

Improve and continue the story starter below, just as we do in class. Use describing words, openers and verbs from the list to engage the reader.

The gorilla monster walked into the town and looked around at the tall buildings. It was quiet, all he could hear was the sound of…

TOP-TIP- REMEMBER OUR P4W NON-NEGOTIABLES. – correct punctuation, finger spaces, spell everyday words correctly, neat cursive handwriting.


Daily Spelling -add 2 ‘high frequency’ words from your list to today’s activity.

Reading for Pleasure– develop your reading skills. Enjoy at least 30 minutes reading a text of your choice.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Read 5 ideas for balancing work, learning and family life. Go to Buckstone Buzz on School News.

Have a good day, everyone!