P5M Learning Together At Home 29.04.20

Good afternoon P5M,

I hope that you are managing with the strange learning situation we are in just now. It can be a bit funny working from home; I find that there are more distractions. I wonder if you feel the same?

Some worksheets we have been setting have answer sheets for you to check yourself but lots of activities (for example the spelling tasks) will be unmarked.  If the adults at home would like to look over your work, you should let them. I know it can be different receiving feedback from parents (my little girl would rather her teacher corrected her than me!); but they might notice a mistake you are making and be able to help you improve.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Being resilient at this time is really important. Each Wednesday Mrs Conlin will be revisiting one of the strategies from the Building Resilience whole school programme. If you would like to take part in Wellbeing Wednesday visit the School News part of the website.

As always, I am happy to answer any of your questions on teams at various points today.

Below, you will find the links to today’s learning tasks.

Have a good day,

Mrs McFarlane

P5M 29.04.20

Spelling WB 27.04.20

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