Learning Together at Home. P1 Divine Dragonflies 30.04.20

Good morning my Dragonflies!

I hope you are having a lovely week. The weather is a little bit colder than before but we can still get our coats and go outside to play and to do exercise. I love looking at the trees and the blossom on my walks. Yesterday was raining a little bit when I went out but I still enjoyed my walk. I took these photos for you.


Here is the learning for today. I hope that you enjoy it and that you continue to surprise me with your amazing work and all the other lovely games that you do at home. Well done to you all!



Focus: Writing

Over the last few weeks I have been hearing from some of you that you are having been enjoying going out for walks with your family. Therefore, I thought you could write about a walk you have been on this week. Please use the jotter from the pack.

Remember to draw a very detailed picture of either you on your walk with your family or something you saw while you were out. Then start by writing:  On my walk

Tell me everything you can about your walk.

For example: I went on a walk with…/ I saw a …/ The weather was…. / I liked this walk because….


  • Capital letter at the beginning of a sentence. (please only use capital letters in the correct place and encourage your child to use lowercase letters while writing.)
  • Full stop at the end of a sentence.
  • Finger spaces between words.

To remind your child about this you could have a look at this lesson on Bitesize.


The adult who is helping you can write the sentences starters and you can copy them. However if you want a bit of a challenge try to sound out the words and write them without help ( Adult, please don’t focus on  correcting the spelling to start with if it is phonetically correct).

I would love to see your amazing drawings and writing.


Final book in the pack.

Cheetahs: Strawberry Jam.

Dolphins: The water fight.

Lizards: Cat in a bag.

Lions: Kipper’s birthday.

Please complete the following activity for today

Choose your favourite character of your book.  Why do you like it? Tell and adult what do you like from your character and why.  What would you like to ask your character if you had the chance of meeting her/him/it?


Numeracy –SEAL  

Learning Intention:

We are learning to sequence numerals

Success Criteria:

Mild/Spicy:  I can sequence numerals.

Hot:  I can sequence off-decade numerals.

Warm up: (Numbers up to 100 – Use numbers up to whatever your child knows) •

  • Listen and join in counting forwards with number song.

  • Say short forward number sequences – e.g. start counting at 9 and stop at 27 and repeat with different start and stop numbers.
  • Show your child a variety of flashcards (in random order) and ask your child to tell you what number it is.


Number flashcards previously made.

You may like to make some from 50 –100 if you would like to use these numbers. Number flashcards to 20.


Choose one of the activities to complete:

Mild: Numbers up to 20. You will need your number flashcards. Firstly, shuffle them so they aren’t in the right order. Your activity is to sequence your number cards in the correct order and then say the numbers as you point to them. Once you feel confident, challenge yourself by getting an adult to time you. Keep a record and see if you can get quicker at it.

We do this video in the class!


The link below is a full episode ( around 25 minutes)

Spicy: Numbers up to 50. You will need your number flashcards. Select 10 numbers in sequence and shuffle them so they aren’t in the right order. Your activity is to sequence your number cards in the correct order and then say the numbers as you point to them. Repeat with different sets of numbers.


Hot: numbers up to 100. You will need your flashcards. 1.Select the decade numbers: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. Show them these numbers and tell your child these are called decade numbers and say them together with your child.

General Tasks for the week:


  1. Colour in pictures of the Scottish and French flags.http://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/countries-cultures/flags-of-the-world
  2. Find out an interesting fact about Scotland and an interesting fact about France.
  3. Can you find out at least one food that Scotland is famous for and one food that France is famous for?
  4. We live in Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland. Can you find out which is the capital city for France?
  5. If you were going to France you could get there in lots of different ways for example by car, boat or aeroplane. Can you draw a picture of how you would most like to travel there?
  6. Can you draw your own picture of a famous Scottish building and a famous French building?


Physical Education Home Learning Challenge

Task 1: Problem Solving

Can you help your parents match the socks that come out of the washing machine?

  • Task 2: Focus & Concentration

Can you go for a walk or watch from the window and count how many moving things you see?

  • Task 3: Decision Making

Can you decide which is the fastest way to move up and down your garden?

  • Create Shapes

This simple balancing game just needs a space and a dice (or even 1 – 6 number cards in a tub). Once a number is chosen, you must create a balance with that number of body parts. What shapes can you create? ​


Growing seeds Science:

Some of you have been planting in your garden. This is an activity that you could do in your garden an indoors.


Expressive Arts

Every year The National Galleries organises an amazing Art Competition. This year due to school closures they are allowing family entries, please see links below. I would encourage your children to create artwork for it. They also do weekly challenge activities for families.




I hope you have a wonderful day!

Take care and be safe.


Mrs de Bonrostro