P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home

Hello everyone!

Thursday 30 April 2020    30.4.20

Thursday Challenge- We are learning to recall our multiplication facts quickly and accurately,

SUPER– Complete the 1, 2, 4, 5, and 10 columns and rows.

FANTASTIC– Complete one table.

SPECTACULAR– Complete both tables. Time yourself- try to improve your time on the  second box.

Daily Maths– we are learning to use our knowledge of multiplication facts to complete function machines.

Extra Challenge- create your own one, two or three step function machine. Choose 6 numbers to pass through it.


Daily Literacy– We are learning to develop our writing skills.

 We are developing our knowledge of instruction writing.

 Star Steps

A title. It may begin ‘How to…’

An opening sentence to encourage the reader to have a go.

A clear list of equipment.

Simple steps- use bullet points. Use time openers- Firstly  Next   After that    Lastly

Verbs – tell the reader what to do. For example- Fold

Adverbs– how to do it. For example- Carefully fold

Correct order.

Draw diagrams.

Closing statement- what the reader will have achieved.

 Task Write a set of instructions for a game or an activity you have been enjoying at home.

For example-

How to set up a chessboard, ready to play.

Firstly, lay out your chess board.

Check you have all 16 pieces.

Carefully organise your pieces into groups.



After you have written your instructions using the star steps, self assess your task, using red, orange and green

Also, check your instructions work- do you need to add anything ?

Daily reading- continue working on this week’s reading task and enjoy at least 30 minutes of reading for pleasure.

P.E. choose an activity from the PowerPoint.

Have a good day, everyone!