P5H Learning at Home 30/04/20

Good afternoon P5H!

The sun looks like it has taken a day off as it is raining where I live. At least the flowers and trees will enjoy it !

I hope you had a good day . I managed a walk yesterday and the cruisers were sparkling in the sun. I wonder if they will blow their horns at tonight’s clapping?

In the last few days we have posted PE and French grids. They contain activities which you can select whenever you like and over several weeks. They are there for ideas .Everyone has a different home situation at present so do what best suits your family.

Here is everything you need for today’s learning, All extra challenges are only if you have time. As always Ms Martin and I are here if you need us.

I believe that the speech marks star steps did not download .Sorry! I updated the blog with it yesterday but in case anyone did not see it. It is on here again just in case. Every day I am learning something new as well!

Have a good day!

Ms Hastie