Learning Together at Home – 01.05.20

Friday 1st May 2020

Good afternoon everyone,

Can’t believe we are in May already! Hope you are all doing okay and managing the school work. As we also say, only do what you can.

As you will know, Monday is an in-service day so there will be no blog posted. The next one will be on Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Martin



Spelling – finish this week’s spelling activities and dictation


Reflective Friday – We are learning to reflect on our learning.

Please complete this week’s Reflective Friday. If you can, send them to me.

Reflective Friday 01.05.20


Word of the day – “disgust”

Remember to copy the word into the back page of your jotter and find/record the definition.

Optional Task:  Tell a Story using the sentence starter below

Bearnice yelped in pure disgust when she found Bogart the fly bathing in her cereal…



Mental Maths – We are learning to count in different steps.

As we do in class, try counting in different steps. Try ones you find easy and hard. For example, when counting in steps of 3, start at 3 and work up to 42 then count back. Then count in 3s again but start at 17. Try to count in lots of different steps. You may also want to include our stand up version if you can! Here’s one you can do (remember to stand up and say the number where the box is)…



Numeracy – We are learning to plot and read fractions on a number line.

Star steps (when plotting fractions on a number line) – divide the number line into how many parts is shown in the denominator

– count along the number in the numerator

Star steps (when stating the fraction on a number line) – count the number of parts the number line is divided into – this is the denominator

– count how far the arrow is along the number line – this is the numerator


Thanks to everyone who has completed the Sumdog assessment – it has been really helpful.

Today we are continuing to look at fractions on a number line. Please complete as much of this worksheet as you can – stop if it gets too tricky. This is slightly different to Monday’s work as we are also stating what fraction the arrow represents (see the star steps above on how to do this).

fractions-on-a-number-line-sheet (please note that both sheets are the same).

If you can, send me your work. If you have any questions then please get in touch.

Here are some games you may like to play:


https://www.mathplayground.com/puzzle_pics_fractions.html (looks at fractions of a shape too)


Extension (only if you can): Plot the following fractions on one number line. You might want to use a different colour of pencil for each fraction/denominator.

1/4, 5/7, 6/9, 5/8, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7 and 3/4.

Having it on the one number line will help you to compare fractions. Send me your number line through teams if you like.


Personal Project

For our new topic (IDL) we were meant to have a history focus. As we are not in school the P5 team thought it would be best to let you research something instead. Here is a document explaining everything you need to do and what the focus is. As everyone is in a different situation at home we have decided to give you 6 weeks to complete meaning this is due on 12th June. It is an optional task so if you can’t complete then don’t worry. As it states in the document, I will set up a folder on Teams where you can add your work. If you can’t do this then when you are finished feel free to email me it. Enjoy!

P5 Personal Project 1