Learning Together At Home Friday 1.5.20

Happy Friday everyone

Remember to have a look at the French Friday post. Have a go at trying to say the three new words if you are able to.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your outdoor time.

Here are your learning activities for today:




Dictation – Take a new page in your jotter or draw a line using a ruler under your last piece of work.  Write the heading – Dictation and today’s date 1.5.20

Ask someone at home if they can read out your dictation. This week is revision of the words and rules you have been working on since the school closures.


The small wasp was always on the very warm bread.

She did not want to wash every day once she had played football in the earth.


He had come to put his dog on the rug.

They said there were ants in the bed.


She overheard at breakfast that the weather at nightfall wasn’t going to be very good.

He had once found a feather beside the waterfall when he wasn’t looking.


Watch something you enjoy and find interesting. It could be something on YouTube, a TV programme or a DVD.

Write a review of what you have just watched, think about the following questions:

What was it you watched?- describe the programme in a few sentences.

What was it you really enjoyed ( Was it scary? Funny? Exciting? Taught you something you didn’t know?)

For example-

I watched a short film on BBC Bitesize about France. It showed me a map of France and explored some of the places in that country. The film began  in a place called Nice where lots of people go on holiday. Nice has lovely beaches and warm weather.  The film then moved to the Alps region which is an area famous for skiing. The final part of the film was all about Paris which is the capital of France. Paris is home to the famous Eiffel Tower and the painting of the Mona Lisa.  I enjoyed watching this film because I like learning about other countries and I am particularly interested in France.

When you have finished your piece of writing, read it over carefully and check for the following:

*capital letters and full stops (reading it out loud helps you to decide where a full stop should go)

*spelling(does the word look right? Is it one of the common/tricky words? Does it use a spelling pattern you know? If not, use a dictionary to look up the correct spelling)

*make sure you have started your sentences in different ways(it becomes a little bit boring if every sentence starts the same way)

You could draw a picture to go with your review. Ask someone at home to read it or read it aloud to someone.




Mental maths warm up

Choose one of the following (or do them all!)

Pick a number between 1-100. Say the next 3 numbers. Say the 3 numbers before.

Roll a dice. What number do you add on to make 10 ? What number do you add on to make 20?

Think of a random 3 digit number. For example 372. Count forwards adding 10 each time- 382, 392, 402, 412…….. Now try a backwards sequence.

If you would like to, and you have an available device, visit the BBC Bitesize website. They have a Friday maths challenge. You can choose the level which suits you.


Work on the times table you find the most challenging. Write it out, play your favourite Top Marks tables game, ask someone at home to test you on it. If you feel confident with the 2x,3x 4x,5x, and 10x tables, have a go at learning the 6 x times tables.


Choose one of the following to complete in your jotter. You can do more than one.