P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home

Hello everyone!

Friday I May 2020      1.5.20

Friday Challenge- we are learning to find information on a calendar. 

Firstly, write the word calendar 3 times to train your brain, it’s a tricky one!


Task -use the calendar to answer the questions.

How many Fridays are there in May?

Which day is the 20th of May?

If I start reading a book on the 5th of May and finish 3 weeks later, what will the date be?

It will be Ben’s Birthday two weeks on Saturday. When is Ben’s Birthday?

True or false- The 1st of June will be a Wednesday?

Extra Challenge- Make up 3 questions using the calendar page for May.

Daily Maths– we are learning to give directions.

Key words- 1st, 2nd, 3rd. right, left.

Use the street map to give directions:

Extra Challenge– using the key words, write directions from either your house to school or where you are dropped off, to school.

Daily Literacy –we are developing our reading skills.

we are developing our knowledge of instruction writing and verbs.

Friday text- Read  ‘Shrimp’.

Task- Highlight all the verbs- doing /action words.

Write down:

  •   What you liked about the text?
  •   What you disliked about the text?
  •   What puzzled you?
  •   Were there any connections or patterns you noticed?

Thank you for sharing your learning!


Friday Challenge

Close your eyes. Use the cursor to choose 7 scrabble tiles. How many words can you make? How many points can you score?

Friday joke

What is a witch’s favourite subject at school?



You know what we say on Friday-

Have a great weekend and have a             weekend!