Learning together at home 5.5.20

Good morning everyone and welcome back

Below you will find your numeracy and literacy tasks for today and tomorrow morning. As its a very short week we thought in P5 we would keep the same learning grid. Just have a go at anything you haven’t done.

Here is the learning grid for you to download.

P5 Learning Grid WB 21.04.20

Bonjour la classe and Ni hao

Carry on with your grid from Modern languages as well.

Modern Languages week 1 Second Level


Mental maths

True or false?

We are learning to use our understanding of fractions to create true or false statements

Create statements such as:

  • A fifth of 20 is 4
  • 16 quarters is the same as 4 wholes
  • 12 divided into four equal parts is 3
  • An eighth of 16 is 3

Give your set of statements a star rating

*=Super, **=fantastic, ***=spectacular

Make sure to include at least one false statement.


We are continuing on with fractions today.

Learning Intention

We are learning to show our understanding of fractions of a quantity

Success criteria

We understand the link between multiplication, division and fractions

We can use the numerator and denominator within fractions

We can use our knowledge to answer written questions.

Please watch the video again I posted on Friday which will help.


Remember we have now learned about one and two step problems, I want to use this to answer question written in words now.


2/3 of 24, it becomes a two strep problem, the first step is the same as above where you work out what 1/3 of 24 is and we know thats 8. The second step is using that answer 8, we must multiply 8 by the numerator which is 2. So, 8 x 2 =16, so 2/3 of 24 is 16.

1/8 of 40 = 5          ( 40 / 8 = 5 )

3/8 of 40 = 15        ( 40 / 8 = 5 then 5 x 3 = 15 )

I have taken a photograph of the questions I would like you to try.







Group reading task

In preparation for reading tomorrow please complete a vocabulary builder task for your book. You did this last week so hopefully you can use that understanding. Choose any important, interesting or unfamiliar words from your group reading book and make a note of them. Check the definition in the dictionary or online.

Check over your work, have you stuck to our non-negotiable success criteria for writing? (correct punctuation, neat handwriting, capital letters)

Vocabulary Builder


This Friday is V E day, an extremely important time for us to remember the end of the second world war. It is 75 years since the war ended. Your comprehension this week is based on this special commemoration. I have added a Powerpoint to our teams page, please read through this as it will help throughout this week with different tasks. It is in Files and literacy resources.

Please complete your own information sheet using the comprehension reading I have attached and LI and SC below.

V E Day Comprehension

Learning Intention

We are learning to read for information

Success Criteria

I can read the information sheet in detail, making sure I fully understand it.

I can highlight the information I think is important

I can take notes using my own format, eg – mind map, bullet points

I can create and information sheet in my own style and in my own words

Extension – Try to answer the understanding questions on the sheet.


Learning Intention

We are learning to form various joins accurately.

Please continue to practice your handwriting. I uploaded a powerpoint last week that will remind you of the single joins which you could share with your parents. It is in our team page, the folder literacy resources. It is called cursive letter formation

Also I have a link to a good website which helps you form continuous joins and you can create your own worksheets.



I have attached your words for the week as well as some tasks for you to do each day to practice.


Learning Intention

We are learning to spell a set of words accurately using different activities

Word of the Day – “disgust”

I will be introducing a word of the day, every day. Copy each word into the back page of your jotter, which will become a word bank.  Find the definition and record this too.

Additional task:  Write a paragraph using the sentence starter below

Bearnice yelped in pure disgust when she found Bogart the fly bathing in her cereal…


Hope you have a good day and remember to check back tomorrow