Learning Together at Home: Tuesday 5th May 2020

I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday.

Just a reminder that Friday is a holiday. I hope the sun comes out!

This week, as we only have three blog posts, I am changing the Powerpoints slightly. We use developmental milestones in nursery to plan learning experiences. I have included milestones for pre-school and ante pre-school children to each Powerpoint. You can work with your child at home to check if they can achieve the milestone. These skills can be worked on over weeks and months.

The milestones are skills which you can work on with your child to support transition into Primary One.

We are continuing a Literacy focus today:

Here is a little selection of photographs from the past week. I can only upload a few as I can’t take up too much storage space.

Here is a well-known story from Mrs Shaw too!

Enjoy everyone!

I will be back tomorrow 🙂

Miss Davidson