P5H Learning at home 5/05/20

Good afternoon P5H ! The sun is shining again!

I hope you have had a few good days ! I have been out on my bike and on walks finding places and noticing things I didn’t know existed. I downloaded an app which instantly recognises plants so I have been learning about the flora pf the local countryside. An update on the cruisers…there are now 5 anchored in the sea!

Here is all you need for today’s tasks. As always, please do whatever you can and at times which fits your family situation. It is not always easy to juggle things and we all have different things going on.

Ms Martin and I are here to help.

Have a good day!

Ms Hastie

As it is V.E Day on Friday , I have attached a powerpoint for you to read so you know what it is all about.

See you tomorrow,

Ms Hastie