Building Resilience – Challenge Your Mindset

We have been learning that challenges, mistakes, and problems are part of everyday learning activities and social interactions. How we think about and respond to these problems has an impact on how we manage our learning and on how we handle the next problem that comes our way.

We are learning to use a growth mindset and problem-solving approaches to develop resilience strategies that will help us cope in times of challenges and setbacks.

We understand that:
 Who we are and what we are good at is not fixed

 The way we think, feel and learn shapes our brain

 I can change through the choices I make


Design a colour wheel of happy, feel good emotions. Draw round a dinner plate or use a pair of compasses to draw as large a circle as you can. Divide your circle into eight equal pieces. You can cut the circle out and fold it to make it easier. On the outside of each piece of the circle, write down a feeling that makes you feel positive about yourself and what you can do. Some examples are excited, active, happy, surprised, cheerful or creative. You will be able to think of others. In each of the different segments of the circle, draw and colour a picture or pattern to match the emotion you have chosen. Think carefully about the colours you use – are they bright, bold colours? Display your emotions wheel somewhere and every time you feel down or fed up, have a look at the wheel. What could you do to lift your mood, what colour makes you feel good, what are you good at? Think positively during these uncertain times.