Learning Together at Home: 06.05.20

Wellbeing Wednesday! I hope you are all being kind to everyone you live with Clever Cats! I am sure you will all be embracing the challenge of learning at home and I am so proud of how well you are all doing and the resilience you will be developing 😊

Please head over to the main school blog to access this week’s activity for Wellbeing Wednesday.

Last week’s chapters of Really Weird Removals.com (4-8) will be deleted from the blog tomorrow so if you haven’t listened/watched them please do so before then.

Literacy: spelling

Practise your spelling words at least once using one of the suggestions on the Spelling Homework grid. Remember to practise any words you are finding challenging more than once!

Literacy: reading

Spend at least 15 minutes reading some of a book (any book) out loud to an adult. Keep working on some of the comprehension activities posted yesterday.

Remember to read for pleasure as well, just like we do during BEAR time in school!

Literacy: grammar

One of the things I often ask you to add to your writing is more WOW words (otherwise known as adjectives) to make your writing more interesting for the reader. Compare these two sentences:

We went to the park and saw a peacock.

We went to the big park and saw a bright, colourful peacock.

Which creates a better picture in your mind? Using adjectives adds detail and description to your writing, making it easier for the reader to visualise your story in their head.

Here are some adjectives that could be used to describe an elephant:

Can you think of any more? Write four (or more) sentences to describe an elephant. Imagine you are describing an elephant to someone (an alien, a blind person) who has never seen an elephant before. Try not to tell a story about the elephant but instead focus on:

  • What size is it?
  • What are its eyes and ears like?
  • What colour is it?
  • What would its skin feel like?

Choose another animal and draw a picture of it. Write as many describing words (adjectives) for your animal as you can think of. Aim for about 10 if you can. Write four (or more) sentences describing it, thinking about the questions above to help you.

Maths: core numeracy

Daily 10 on Topmarks:

Mild: Level 2 – Multiplication – Mixed Tables, x2, x5, 10
Hot: Level 3 – Multiplication – Mixed Tables, x3, x4, x8
Spicy: Level 5 – Multiplication – Mixed Tables, Up to x12

Spend some time on Sumdog. This week’s challenge ends tomorrow at 5pm. Spend some time playing some of the other maths games as well.

Put your addition and subtraction skills into action by playing some of these games with someone at home:

You could always have a go at making your own game to play as well!

Maths: data handling

Please see separate blog post for today’s maths lesson which is linked to the Science activities you have been doing.

See you tomorrow!