Learning Together at Home. P1 Divine Dragonflies 06.05.2020

Buenos dias, my Dragonflies!

How are you today? I hope you are all well. We had a lovely sunny day yesterday and it looks like today it is going to be a glorious day too.

Some children guessed where I walked over the weekend from yesterday’s photo: yes, you are right I was very close to you all, I was at Braid Hills.

Billy  has been busy. Look what he has been up to: climbing trees, learning to play hockey with my girls and…writing messages for you!

Remember today is Wellbeing Wednesday and Mrs Conlin will be posting some ideas / advice at School News . This week’s theme is ‘Respect yourself’.




Here is the learning for today (if you wish to do it)

Literacy Activities

Learning intention

We are learning to read and write phonetic words (our words that can be sounded out) and tricky words.

Success Criteria

  • I can recognise different sounds in words.
  • I can sound out words to read them.
  • I can recognise and read tricky words.



Focus: Comprehension

Ask your children the following questions:

  • Was there anything you liked about the book?
  • Was there anything that you disliked?
  • Was there anything that surprised you?

Cheetahs: Everyone got wet. Play activities 1 and 2 at the top of your e-book.

Lions: Leek Hotpot. Play activities 1 and 2 at the top of your e-book.

Dolphins: Quiz. Play activities 1 and 2 at the top of your e-book.

Lizards: Mix, mix, mix. I hope you liked your book this week. Could you try to read the book without help to an adult? Afterwards you could retell the story to an adult. Are there any words that you couldn’t use that you can know? Comprehension questions at the end of the book.


We will start with dictation of words that we have been working on last few weeks as well as tricky words. If your child feels confident and you think is ready for a challenge you can do a sentence afterwards.

Remember to always model: first with one word and later with one sentence).


  • Adult: loud owl coil joy foot boat bow oak fight keep meal nail say
  • Children: mouth cow boil toy hook coat row soak night queen year tail day



  • Adult: Beth had a seed.

She put it into the soil.

  • Child:

It is a hot day.

Joy and I are at the beach.

When doing a word:

  • Say the word.
  • Think aloud how many sounds you can hear in that word.
  • Use your fingers to count the sounds.
  • Think aloud again that some sounds are made by more than one letter (like the ones we have been learning this week).
  • Write each letter/ sound and check if there are the same number of letters as sounds (it will not be the case with this week’s words).
  • Check if you are right (sometimes is okay to make mistakes so your child can correct them and to make them aware that is okay to make mistakes).

When doing a sentence:

  1. Please model the first sentence to your child, highlighting the capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. Point to each word as you read it aloud.
  2. Explain that your child is now about to write a different sentence and then dictate (read aloud) the second sentence noted below.
  3. Ask the child to repeat the sentence back to you to ensure they have heard it correctly.
  4. Discuss how many words there are in the sentence, what the first word in the sentence is and remind them that the first word will have a capital letter.
  5. Ask your child to write the word, vocalising each sound as they write it.
  6. Remind them of finger spaces between the words.

Repeat this process for each remaining word

  1. Once they have written the whole sentence, ask them to read it back to you – pointing at each word as they read.
  2. Ask the child what happened in the sentence and remind them to use a full stop at the end.


Please look in your pack for the sheet below with letters: l and m.


  • We always start where the dot is, we go from the low left corner of the square to the top right corner of the square.
  • We use the lines on the paper to help us to follow the right direction when forming the letter.



Review of subtraction skills.

Learning intention

We are learning to use practical materials and to can ‘count on and back’ to help us understand addition and subtraction, recording our ideas and solutions in different ways.

Success Criteria

  • I can count on and back in ones to add and subtract.
  • I can add and subtract mentally to 10.
  • I can use appropriately the mathematical symbols +, − and =.
  • I can solve simple missing number problems.

Warm up

Count forwards and backwards to 10, 20, 30 starting and stopping at different points




We are going to practice our subtraction skills using these worksheets and/or websites.

  • Mild: Subtraction within 10

Use a number line and concrete materials if necessary to support your child in this activity.



  • Spicy: Subtraction from 20




  • Hot: Subtraction from 30





General ideas for the week

Problem solving

Den building

Planning the build: what will can you use to make your den? Can you gather materials without help?

Health and Wellbeing

Grateful jars

Eliza’s idea! You could decorate an empty jar and write a note about something you are grateful for each day and put in the decorated jar


Remember these songs?




Physical Education Home Learning Challenge

Coordination & Fluency

Can you throw an object up and catch it?

Rhythm & Timing

Can you jump 5 times, then clap 4 times at the same time as someone else?


Try to improve your time balancing on one leg

Winning & Losing

Choose a board game / card game to play with another person. Can you be a ‘good sport’ and take part fairly? ​

Cosmic Kids Yoga


An introduction to yoga with the Cosmic Kids Yoga series. Each session tells a story alongside yoga stretches and movements. This one is called ‘Squish the Fish’.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhYtcadR9nw ​



Minibeast hunt

Have a look outside in your garden or when going for a walk. Take photos of them if you can. How many different minibeasts can you see?

(Scavenger hunt sheets attached)

Bug hotel

Make a bug hotel and then keep a record of who comes to stay. You might draw pictures of your guests or keep a record.



I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


Mrs de Bonrostro