P5M Learning Together At Home 06.05.20

Good afternoon P5M,

Today is Wellbeing Wednesday. If you visit the School News part of the website you can find details for today’s whole school activity.

Optional Personal Project

This term we had planned to history topic in school. Due to current circumstances, the P5 team thought it would be best to let you carry this out as a personal project at home. Here is a document explaining everything you need to know. If anyone would like to share their project, please add it to the folder within teams or email it to me by 12th June.

P5 Personal Project

Here are your literacy and maths tasks for today.

P5M 06.05.20

A Day Out

Train Timetables

P5 Spelling Grid WB 05.05.20

Speech Marks Introduction

Speech Marks SC Poster

I will be on teams as usual to answer any of your questions.

Mrs McFarlane