P2c Learning together at home 7.5.20

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This week will be the last week we are adding photos to the blog – from Monday we invite you to share your learning via the e-journals. As we continue to develop delivering the curriculum from home we will no longer be sharing photos on the blog. I understand that you enjoyed seeing pictures of your friends every week,  however,  we will now aim to give more targeted feedback via the e- journals to ensure Individualised support and challenge. We hope you understand that the learning and progression of all our learners is our main priority and you will support this decision.  Thank you for all the photos so far and we look forward to seeing them on the e-journals. 

As tomorrow is a holiday, there will be no Friday photo post, but you will find a selection of photos at the bottom of today’s post – including a few not previously published from before lockdown.

Here is your summary of today’s learning:


Here are the links, PowerPoints, resources and worksheets you can use to support your learning:


How To Tell The Time Video (YouTube)


Maths Time Game (online)




Land Art Challenge cards

Andy Goldsworthy Powerpoint




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Spelling City P2 page


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Daily Live Activities

Final photos