P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home

Hello everyone!       I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday.

Thursday 7 May 2020    7.5.20

Thursday Challenge – we are learning to add on in multiples of 100.

We are developing the skills we worked on yesterday.

For example    –368 add on 400 = 768                                                                                                                                  2485 add on 400 = 2885                                                                                                                               1825 add on 400 = 2225

Task- add on 300

SUPER– 256     543     107    628    319     270     487       507

FANTASTIC–  2365     4057      6575    8209    2611    5732    6824

SPECTACULAR-  1548      2693      4926     7803     6720    8860    4734     9805


Daily Maths -We are learning to use our knowledge of the 5 X table to divide by 5.

Task- Write out the 5x table then write out the division facts beside it.

Focus on any hot-spots you might have.

When you are ready, hide your tables and use you knowledge to male these calculations.

SUPER- Numbers 2 and 3

FANTASTIC-Numbers 2, 3 and 4  a to e.

SPECTACULARNumbers 2, 3 and 4 a to i.

There are new challenges on Sumdog.

Daily Literacy- We are developing our understanding of a text.                                                                                        We are learning to make predictions.                                                                                                          We are learning to find evidence in a text.

Go to the link:


Taskread the text carefully the complete activities 2 and 3.

Daily Reading– Enjoy at least 30 minutes of ‘Reading for Pleasure’. your text can be fiction, non-fiction, a comic or instructions.

Daily Spelling- Choose an activity to help you learn your spelling words. Don’t forget this week’s tricky words.  Add two of your ‘high frequency’  words to the list.

Music- continue to develop your knowledge of the orchestra and Beethoven- see Monday’s plan.

Topic- As you are finding your information about icebergs, remember to be thinking about the key words you are using. See Monday’s plan.

P.E. Choose an activity from the PowerPoint.

Develop your knowledge of V.E. day by watching Newsround.

Enjoy your day and your long weekend!

You know what we say in P4W-

Have a great weekend and have a           weekend!