Learning Together at Home: 11.05.20

Hello Clever Cats! Welcome to week 6 of learning together at home and this week is Health Week! Here is a grid of activities that you could try at home with your families throughout the week.

Wednesday was due to be Sports Day so keep your eye on the blog, it will be a little different to usual!

Apologies for the lateness of today’s blog, I was having some difficulties with uploading! Maths will be added shortly.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the Looking Back, Looking Forward survey, your feedback is very much appreciated.

Our Class Teams has launched, please get in touch if you are having difficulties logging in or need your password details re-sent. This is a new way of learning and communicating for all of us and I will be learning along with all of you! For now there are two ‘channels’ in the Team – General and Playground. The General channel is a place where the children can get in touch with me with any questions they have about their learning or to share what they have been doing at home. The Playground channel is a place where the children can chat and talk to each other. 😊 I am planning to have set times when I will be online so the children can talk/message me directly if  they would like to. For this week, they will be Monday 1-2pm and Thursday 10.30-11.30am. Please don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you to be online at either of those times as I will be looking at the Teams regularly throughout the week. You can of course still email as usual via: admin@buckstone.edin.sch.uk

Literacy: spelling

Last week your spelling words were all plurals that are made by adding a s. This week your spelling words are plurals that are made by adding es. Watch this video to remind you of when to use s and when to use es:

Words ending in /s/x/z/sh/ch/ form their plurals by adding es. Watch out for words that end in /ss/ like glass becomes glasses and dress becomes dresses.

Word listChallenge list

Add 2 more words to your list that you need to work on. These could be tricky words that you have found difficult over the last few weeks or it could be 2 words from the common words lists sent home in your pack. I have attached a photo of the common words list in case you are needing it again:

Check any unknown words in the dictionary or by asking someone at home what they mean. Practice your spelling list at least once using one of the suggested ways on your Spelling Homework Grid.

Literacy: reading

For reading this week I have created a document with a set of tasks that can be completed over the course of the week at a pace that works for your child. They do not need to be completed all at once. I would recommend completing at least 2 tasks from each colour, but you could also complete all the tasks if you are feeling eager. If you have finished the reading books sent home from school, the Blue Eagles/Green Turtles/Yellow Pikachus document has generic tasks that can be completed with any fiction book.

Blue Eagles – Fangs
Green Turtles – Wigglesbottom Primary: The Toilet Ghost
Yellow Pikachus – The Flying Machine (this is a link to Oxford Owl – you will need to create a free account to access the ebook. Alternatively, complete this week’s reading comprehension grid with a fiction book you are reading at home.)
Orange Charzards – Submarine Adventure
Red Dragons – Robin Hood

If you can, try to spend at least 15 minutes reading out loud to an adult and spend some time discussing your book. This could be any book that you are enjoying reading. Spend some time reading for pleasure as well, just like we do during BEAR time at school!

Blue Eagles, Green Turtles and Yellow Pikachus, here is your document:

Orange Charzards, here is your document:

Red Dragons, here is your document:

Check out this free ebook, Everybody Worries, which has been written to help children understand their worries around coronavirus:


Modern Languages: French

This is a learning grid that has a number of activities to help you learn your numbers in French. There are 6 tasks to complete. You could do them all at once or spread them out and do one a day throughout the week, it’s up to you!

You could also have a look at this BBC Bitesize lesson which will help you learn more about France:


Please keep sending photos of what you are getting up to at home and of your learning!

See you tomorrow 😊