Learning together at home 11.5.20

Good morning everyone and welcome back, hope you had a lovely Friday holiday.

Below you will find your numeracy and literacy tasks for today and tomorrow morning. As always if you have any questions I will be on teams throughout the day to help.

As health week starts today, I have attached a special health week learning grid with lots of fun activities across health and wellbeing, if you could try a couple of activities each day that would be great. Remember we are second level in P5.

Health week grid

Bonjour la classe

I have also attached a brand new Modern languages grid as well, this will run for 2 weeks and has lots of activities for French.

Week beg 11.5.20 P5 languages


Mental maths

Try to work out the start time of activities by using you understanding of duration’s. Click on the link below to play the game. There are 5 different levels so choose the correct level of challenge depending on how confident you feel.



We are continuing on with time and duration’s today.

Learning Intention

We are learning to work out duration’s of time

Success criteria

We understand how to calculate the duration using the methods we have learned.

We can work out duration’s when we have the start time or end time

We understand that this is a skill we will use regularly use in the future.



Please open the document titled ‘Train Timetables’ which is attached above. I would like you to work though Pages 3, 4, 5 and 6, these have two and three stars in the bottom left-hand corner. Page 8 and 9 are answer sheets. You may mark your work when you have completed it.



Please open the document titled ‘A Day Out’ which is attached above. Pages 4 and 5 in this document have two stars in the top left-hand corner. These are the worksheets you should complete. The sixth page is the answer sheet. You may mark your work when you have completed it.

Extension – If you would like a challenge to finish on try pages 7 and 8, 3 stars.



Learning Intention

We are learning to use speech marks appropriately

Last week on Wednesday we looked at how to include speech marks or inverted commas in a sentence, today we will develop this further.

Lesson 3

Today you are going to draw a picture of people speaking. Put these words into the characters speech bubbles in your drawing of the family. Remember to start each with a capital and end with a full stop.

“It’s a lovely day “said dad.

“Why don’t we go for a walk?” suggested mum.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes!“ shouted Peter.

“Will I need my coat?” asked Tina.

“Woof!” said Floppy the dog.

Lesson 4

When you are writing a conversation it is important to remember to start each person’s words on a new line.

“Who wants to play snakes and ladders?” asked dad.

“I do!” shouted Mark.

“It’s my favourite,” laughed Susan.


“Who wants to play snakes and ladders?” asked dad. “ I do!” shouted Mark. “It’s my favourite,” laughed Susan.

Please write the following out correctly putting in the speech marks.

What are you doing over here Roly Poly Bird the monkeys asked.  I have come for a holiday he replied.

Lesson 5

If you start speech in the middle of the sentence it still begins with a capital letter. For example

Sarah looked into the Twits’ garden and said, “Let’s go and see the monkeys.”

Make up your own conversation . It can involve any number of people.

Success Criteria.

Keep your speech marks at the beginning and the end of the words being spoken.

Begin the direct speech with a capital letter

Start a new line whenever someone new speaks

Make sure your speech is correctly punctuated.


Learning Intention

We are learning to form various joins accurately.

Please continue to practice your handwriting. I uploaded a powerpoint that will remind you of the single joins which you could share. It is in our team page, the folder literacy resources. It is called cursive letter formation

Also I have a link to a good website which helps you form continuous joins and you can create your own worksheets.


Make sure you are trying with your other literacy work such as writing to use a cursive style.


I have attached your words for the week as well as some tasks for you to do each day to practice.


Learning Intention

We are learning to spell a set of words accurately using different activities

ERIC reading

Please try to spend about half an hour each day completing silent reading on a book of your choice.

If you would like to listen to Daniel Radcliffe reading the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, click on the link below. There is no need to register.


Word of the Day – “devious”

There is a new word every day. Copy each word into the back page of your jotter, which will become a word bank.  Find the definition and record this too.

Additional task:  Write a paragraph using the sentence starter below

Bogart’s devious plan involved a laser, a ball of string and…


Hope you have a good day and remember to check back tomorrow