P1/2 Learning Together at Home 11.05.2020

Good Afternoon P1/2 Ladybirds, 

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Feedback – you will see on the ‘Weekly Planner’ a box has been highlighted red. This has been highlighted as a piece of work that we will give feedback on. This is optional and there is no expectation for you to do this activity. If you would like feedback on what is highlighted please complete the activity and post a photo of it on your child’s e-journal – we will leave the feedback in the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible, please note that we have other commitments and some days we will be at the hub school.  

here is the plan for this week: 

Weekly Planner WB 11.05.2020

Here is the learning for today: 

Literacy-Numeracy Monday 11.05.2020


au cards

au wordsearch

double to 20 PowerPoint

doubles to 10


Doubles to 20 Activity Pack



Challenge – Number Bonds to 50

CHALLENGE – Number Bonds to 100

Minibeast Powerpoint

Minibeast Checklist

Minibeasts Tally Sheet

Reveal the Picture

This week is ‘Health Week’ here is the Health Week Grid:

Health Week Grid WB 11.05.2020

Please remember the blog is here to support Learning Together at Home. Use it to suit you and your family – there is no expectation or pressure. Email me if you need any help or advice.

Have fun and stay safe!

Miss McGhee