P2c Learning together at home 11.5.20

Marvellous Monday !

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you were able to enjoy the outdoors in some way. I went for a lovely bike ride round Edinburgh – its great that there are so few cars on the road. I stopped to take this photo of a famous building – Do you know what it is ? (easy question!)


As we make the move to e-journals with the aim of providing more targeted feedback we will be highlighting an area of our weekly planner which will be shared with you on a Monday.  The yellow highlighted part will be the area of learning we are focusing our feedback on that week, if you wish to share it with us. We look forward to seeing your posts.

Highlighted Weekly Planner:

11.5.20 Weekly Planner P2C and P2WG

Here is your summary of today’s learning:

11 5 20

Here are the links, PowerPoints, resources and worksheets you can use to support your learning:


Minibeasts Reading Comprehension

Spelling Selection Grid

Blank Word Search

Tricky Word Spelling Game


Minibeast Word Unscramble


Halves and Quarters PowerPoint

Which are Quarters? Worksheet

Halves and Quarters – Video

My Dog Fraction – Fraction Song

Snappy Maths Halves and Quarters – Game

Halves and Quarters – Video and Quiz


Halves and Quarters of Numbers – Worksheet

Interdisciplinary Learning

Label the Parts of a Butterfly

Cody’s Butterfly Cupcakes

Video – All About Insects

Video and Quiz – What are Minibeasts?


P.E/Health Week


Health Week Grid



Quick links


Some useful advice for Parents 

Spelling City P2 page


Free audiobooks for children

 Mrs Imrie’s blog page

Daily Live Activities