P3M Learning Together at Home – Tuesday 12 May

Good afternoon!

I hope you are all having a good day so far. I went for a walk on my usual route later on yesterday evening and managed to spot more wildlife that I had done at the weekend. I saw a deer, bats, rabbits and buzzards. I saw a buzzard three times yesterday – once from my garden and twice during my walk. Each time, there were crows or jackdaws seemingly chasing or attacking the buzzard. I was quite surprised and wondered why they were doing this. Perhaps you could try and find out.

Here are today’s activities:



Complete an activity from the spelling grid to help you learn your new words.


Choose an activity from the documents posted yesterday.

We have asked you to use books and resources you have at home, if you have now finished reading all the books we sent home in March. You might read something you have read before or borrow a book from a bother or sister.

Alternatively, you could listen to an audio book. You won’t be reading the words but you can still answer some of the comprehension questions.

There are some materials online, but we appreciate that this might not always be ideal if more than one person needs access to a device for work or school.

Here are some links:


Oxford Owl is where you’ll find some Biff, Chip and Kipper books. They also have other ebooks.


In BBC’s ‘Word Waves’ series, you can listen to the story as key words come up on the screen.







Numeracy and Maths

Mental Maths

Go into Topmarks > Daily 10 and choose an area you would like to work on:


Word Problems

We are going to spend a bit of time working on word problems for the rest of this week. You will need to apply the skills you have been learning to solve problems in a slightly different way. We have a little bit of this recently when looking at quarters and halves.

Choose the level you are most comfortable with:




Extra Hot!

If anyone has managed the hot sheet and is looking for an extra challenge…….

Try making up some word problems of your own.

I hope you all have a lovely day! Don’t forget to have a look at the science activity in a separate post.

Mrs Bailey