Building Resilience – Take a Moment


Let’s revisit strategy four of the Building Resilience Programme.

Everyone encounters a wide range of emotions every day. Becoming more aware of
how we feel can have a big impact on our well being, our behaviour and our
relationships with others. Learning to be more aware helps us to get in tune with our
feelings and stops us dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.
In this unit, we have been learning:

 We all experience a range of emotions every day
 Sometimes we feel stressed
 I have ways to help me cope


We need to take a moment to look after ourselves by slowing down and doing something different. You will all be aware of the five senses – touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. 

Take a piece of paper or a whiteboard and draw out five boxes or bubbles and write the name of a sense at the top of each box or bubble. Now go on a walk and using your senses, draw or write what you have noticed for each of the senses. Is it a blackbird singing or your dad playing music? Is it the smell of your mum’s perfume or is it something cooking in the kitchen? Is it the colour of a particular flower in the garden or  the clouds in the sky? Is it the taste of the sweet you are eating or is it the baking mixing spoon that you have just licked? Is it the touch of your cat’s fur or is it the touch of the ice inside the freezer?

Sometimes, we have to stop and look at the world differently, to make us see the world around us differently, to make us forgot about things right now and to focus our minds on something new so take a moment.