P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home 14.5.20

Hello everyone!    I hope you all had fun developing your circus skills yesterday!

Thursday 14 May 2020       14.5.20

Thursday Challenge- We are learning to identify patterns in sequences.                                                                                   We are learning to complete sequences.                                                                                                   We are learning to use our knowledge of times tables.                                                                           We are learning to use our knowledge of place value.

Task – describe the pattern and complete the sequences by filling the gaps and adding the next three numbers.

Key vocabulary– increasing, decreasing.

96    86    76   …..  56    …..   …..   …..                                   4    8   12    ….   20  ….  28   ….   …..    …..

27    24    21   …..   15    12  ….   ….  ….                                8    16    24    ….     40    48   …..   ….    …..  

104      124     144     164      ….    ….   ….                             81      72    ….      54     45    36    ….   ….  ….

325     375      425     475   ….   …..   …..                               12     18    24  …..   …..  42 ….  ….  ,…

Extra Challenge – create 2 sequences, developing times table or place value skills.

Daily Maths-We are learning to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to change one number into another using a function machine.


SUPER-Read the example then complete Numbers 1 and 2.

FANTASTIC- Read the example then complete numbers 1, 2 and 3.

SPECTACULAR-Read the example then complete numbers 3 and 4.

Extra Challenge

Check your answers are correct using the inverse calculations.                                                              Subtraction- check using addition                    Division – check using multiplication


Daily Literacy We are developing our writing skills.

We are learning to add detail in a text by using adverbs and adjectives.

Writing Task- Yesterday we were learning about adverbs and adjectives.

Today, we are going to use these to improve our own writing.

Click on the link and find the adverb word mat. It has lots of good suggestions to help you.

You will see there are some super adverbs ending in ly that you can use as openers.


Last weekend I chanced upon this mysterious path whilst on my daily walk. I had never noticed it before and as I looked along it, I began to think like a writer. Adjectives and adverbs danced in my mind and I immediately thought of a wonderful group of writers I know…P4W!

Writers- as a warm-up write down as many describing words as you can in 3 minutes to describe the path and the trees. Next, write down as many adverbs as you can to describe how you would walk along the path.


Task– write the first short chapter for a Summer adventure story. You will need to engage the reader by setting the scene and taking time to describe your journey along the path. Remember, the reader won’t have a photograph so you will need to help them imagine your journey along it.

How would you be feeling-can you see where it leads?


Use adjectives to describe the setting – the path and the trees.

Describing your feelings/ what you see/ feel / touch.

Describe what you are thinking.

Use ly adverbs as openers.

P4W Non- negotiables.


Writers– begin with this starter sentence. Read it carefully. Next, improve the words in italics and use brilliant adjectives and adverbs to engage the reader.

…….. we walked to the top of the…….hill. The ……sun had made it ….. work.  We stopped to rest our……legs and it was only then that we looked to our left and saw the long path for the very first time. We looked at each other and without ….we took our first …… steps……………………………..

Now carry on along the path, describing the journey, the ground, the trees above. Remember, you want the reader to be able to imagine your journey along the path. Can you use a simile?Perhaps your journey could lead you to discover something at the end which you could explore in the next chapter.

In the next chapter you could also reveal who you are with – just as Michael Morpurgo does in some of his books. Not giving too much away adds to the adventure and makes the reader want to read on and find out more.

When you have finished today’s chapter, give it a good title.


Reading for Pleasure – Enjoy reading a fiction or a non- fiction text- a recipe book, instructions, poetry, a comic, an atlas. Aim to read for at least 30 minutes every day.

Perhaps you would like to recommend a book that you have particularly enjoyed recently. You can share this on Teams.

Daily Spelling – Choose an activity to help you learn your spelling words.

Add on two words from your ‘high- frequency’ list.


Health Week- There are lots of activities on Tuesday’s link.


Tomorrow, children all over Edinburgh are being encouraged to wear their school uniform whilst learning at home- more on Buckstone Buzz!

Hope to see lots of you on Teams!

Have a good day!