P5H Learning Together At Home 14/05/20

Good afternoon P5H!

The sun is still shining but I had a very chilly cycle yesterday!

I hope you had a great time yesterday doing circus skills! I can’t wait to see how you all got on! It all sounded very exciting!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is “Dress Up ” day…..so the opposite of “Dress down” which we would have had at school. The idea is to dust off your school uniform and dress in it instead! Hope it still fits!

Also keep your eyes on Buckstone Buzz tomorrow morning …

Here is today’s learning. As ever do what you can to fit your family situation . Looking forward to “seeing” some of you in teams later.

There was a mistake in the Super timetable on Tuesday’s timetables work so here is the corrected version! Sorry!

Enjoy your day

Ms Hastie

Enjoy your day!