Learning Together at Home: 15.05.20

Happy Friday everyone! Thank you to everyone who has shared their writing with me either on Teams or via email. I loved reading your creative descriptions of monsters, especially all of those fantastic WOW describing words!

I really enjoyed chatting with a couple of people on Teams yesterday. It is lovely to see you checking up on each other. Ellie, I hope you are feeling better today! Please let the school know if you are having trouble logging in or need a device to access Teams.

Happy Birthday to Callie for tomorrow 😁 I hope you have a lovely day!

Literacy: reading

Spend at least 15 minutes reading some of a book (any book) out loud to an adult. Remember to read for pleasure as well, just like we do during BEAR time in school!

Literacy: spelling

Here is your spelling dictation for the week. Have someone read out your chosen level while you write the words or sentences in your jotter. Add in your extra two words that you have been working on as well. Remember to do any corrections three times!


dishes, glasses, beaches, boxes, dresses


There are lots of beaches with boxes on them. I washed the dishes and my best dresses. I have two pairs of glasses.


I will need three torches, five radishes and four big branches. P3C is full of brain-boxes. I went to three circuses last summer.

Maths games: division


Snappy Maths – this game allows you to click and drag items which helps with visualising division problems

Doggy Division – this game also encourages visualising the problem

Hit the button – aims at quick recall of facts

Mental Maths Train – choose the division train, it also aims to develop recall of facts

French will be coming in a separate blog post.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone! No blog on Monday so I will see you all on Tuesday.

Miss Collyns