Learning Together at Home Friday P3M 15.5.18

Happy Friday everyone, I hope that  you are enjoying being back in your school uniforms today! It is good to remind ourselves that we are still together as a class and part of the whole Buckstone family.


Here are your learning activities for today:


SPELLING – Dictations

Ask someone at home if they can read out your dictation. Take a new page in your jotter or draw a neat line with a ruler under your last piece of work. Put ‘Dictation’ at the top of your page and write today’s date – 15.5.20.


They said all the dogs were at the park.

She had to go to in one of the cars.

The words for the challenge and the core groups are a mixture of last week’s and this week’s words.


There were many splashes on the raincoats they had worn outdoors.

He always relaxes by eating tomatoes and crackers in the mountains.



Their dresses on the beaches were full of sand and insects.

He put the dishes and boxes on the chairs where they were safe.



I would like you to write about something  you have done this week which you have enjoyed. Maybe you had a sunny walk with your family, or played a really fun game, or maybe you had a good time trying out one of the circus themed activities. It doesn’t have to be a long piece of writing but I would like you to think carefully about it.

Remember punctuation helps us to read and understand what is being written. I started to write about the walk I took yesterday :

I am enjoying being able to go for two walks yesterday I went for a walk on the braid hills it was around 5.30pm so I was hoping it would be a little quieter

This is a very long sentence which is quite difficult to read! I need to add some full stops.

I am enjoying being able to go for two walks. Yesterday I went for a walk on the braid hills, it was around 5.30pm so I was hoping it would be a little quieter.

I have added two full stops and a capital letter. I have also added a comma to show that there is a little pause in the second sentence.

But we also need to use capital letters to show the names of people and places so I need to add two more capital letters.

I am enjoying being able to go for two walks. Yesterday I went for a walk on the Braid Hills, it was around 5.30pm so I was hoping it would be a little quieter.

Braid Hills need capitals because it is a name.

Now my sentences have the correct punctuation and are easier to read.

I climbed to the top of the hill, I like to look out to the Firth of Forth and see if I can spot any ships. I could see some ships in the distance. When I was walking on the path I saw a deer. It was eating some gorse.

I have given some more information about my walk but not much detail. Adjectives make our writing more interesting and add detail . In school we spoke about verbs being  doing words and choosing the correct verb can also be a really good way of helping to describe something. Using verbs and adjectives helps us to make a ‘picture’ in our head when we are reading something.

I climbed the steep hill to get to the top. I like to look out to the Firth of Forth and see if I can spot any ships. The sun was shining on the water making it sparkle. I could see the huge ships in the distance. When I was walking on the path I saw a small deer It was nibbling on some gorse. I only saw it for a second before it scampered off into the bushes.

When you are writing about something you have enjoyed this week, think about these star steps:

  • Use full stops and capital letters ( think about where a pause or break should come in your writing if you were reading aloud).
  • Remember capital letters for names of places and people.
  • Try to use adjectives (describing words) to add detail to your writing.
  • Think carefully about the verbs (doing words) you are choosing to use.




Today we will be continuing with word problems. Choose the level you are most comfortable with. Complete the following in your jotter. Don’t forget the date and the title ‘ Word Problems’. Think about the information you need to answer the question and which skill you need to apply.




7 + 3 =       4 + 4 =     9 + 3 =    15 + 4 =    19 – 5 =    17 – 4 =     13 – 5 =   11 – 9 =   12 + 5 =    12- 5=



6 +  ? += 8            5 + ? = 9         4 + ? = 10         3 + ? = 12             8 + ? = 12


What is 1 more than 8?

What is 1 more than 16?

What is 1 more than 17?

What is 1 more than 20?

What is 1 less than 15?

What is 1 less than 10?

What is 1 less than 16?


Now try some word problems. Think about skills you need to use to answer the question.

John has 4 bananas and Fred has 6 bananas. How many bananas do they have altogether?

Sue buys 12 football cards and Lisa buys 6 football cards. How many do they buy altogether?

Ben has 9 strawberry laces, he gives 5 to Grace, how many laces does he have left?

Jack makes 13 cupcakes for the bake sale, he needs to make 20 altogether. How many more does he need to make?

Finn has 7 marbles, Jay has 3 more marbles than Finn. How many marbles does Jay have?




John has 19 marbles, Lisa has 40 marbles. How many do they have altogether?

Sam made 50 cupcakes for the bake sale. Jack made 18. How many cupcakes did they make altogether?

There were 31 children in the swimming pool, 5 children were sitting at the edge and 4 children were waiting to dive in. How many children were there altogether?

Lucy made 37 cheese straws. Dottie ate 9 of them. How many were left?

At the start of the year there were 48 children in the karate class. By the end of the year 8 more children had joined the class. How many children were there by the end of the year?

The café owner made 50 burgers. He sold 20 of them in the first hour of opening his shop. How many burgers were left?

The supermarket had 78 bags of pasta on Monday, by Tuesday they had sold 50 of these. How many were left on Tuesday?

Dad made 12 chocolate chip cookies. He shared them equally so that Laura and Louise both got half each. How many cookies did they each get?

Molly and Megan each had 20p. How much did they have altogether?

There were 8 pieces of orange cut for after the game. The coach said she needed double that amount. How many pieces of orange were needed?



John made 42 cupcakes for the bake sale and Sally made 50. How many cupcakes had they made altogether?

Eve made a line of 73 marbles and Moray made a line of 26 marbles. They counted them, how many did they have altogether?

In the first swimming class there were 26 children, in the second class there were 27 children. How many children were there altogether?

Louise took 30 brownies from a tray of 94 brownies. How many brownies were left on the tray?

The supermarket had 87 bags of pasta on Monday. By Tuesday, they had sold 50 of these. How many bags of pasta were left?

Sam swam 15 lengths of the pool in 20 minutes. Jack took double that time. How many minutes did it take Jack?

Freya and Maya had £5. They decided to spend half each on sweets. How much did each girl spend?

Hope had £1.30 and Evan had £1.60. How much money did they have altogether?

Dad was putting packets of Haribo into party bags. He wanted to give each person 3 bags. There were 8 people at the party. How many bags of Haribo would he need?

Danny was keeping a record of how many cars passed his window between 8 o’ clock and 9 o’ clock every morning. Each day from Monday to Thursday he counted 9 cars. How many cars did he count altogether?


If anyone is looking for an extra challenge……..

Extra hot!

Sally set herself a challenge to run down her street 500 times. She ran 100 times in the morning, 250 times in the afternoon and 50 times in the evening. How many times did she still have to run?

Tom had 37p and Hope had 22p. They wanted to buy a large bag of crisps costing £1. How much more money did they need?

Amy bought 3 stickers costing 6p each, 5 pens costing 9p each and 9 notebooks costing 10p each. How much change did she get from £5?

Grant’s aunt and uncle kept chickens. They laid 3 eggs each day. The chickens on the farm next door laid double that amount. How many would the next door farm have after 4 days?

In a class of 28 children, a quarter of them had bought a cake at the bake sale. Each cake cost £1.50. How much did the class spend at the bake sale altogether?



Remember to complete some of the activities from Mrs Tweedie’s grid, posted on Monday 11th May.


I hope you all have a lovely long weekend.