Learning together at home 15.5.20

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday

Below you will find your numeracy and literacy tasks for today. I have also included some mandarin at the bottom of the page. If you find anything tricky I will be on our team page at various points throughout the day to answer any questions.

This is the final day of health week, hope you have enjoyed the activities. I have attached the grid just in case you want to try anymore.

Health week grid

Our learning grid has a focus on Science. So I have re attached the science learning grid with lots of fun activities, could you try a couple of activities each day that would be great.

Second Level Science Activities Grid

Carry on with your grid from Modern languages as well.

Week beg 11.5.20 P5 languages

Remember these two grids will run next week as well.


Mental maths

Please practice your new skills on working out equivalent fractions by playing bingo on the Topmarks website.



Yesterday we developed our knowledge of equivalent fractions further and introduced a word called simplifying, this was a tricky concept so we are continuing to focus on it.

This is a summary of our learning so far, I posted this video yesterday.


Learning Intention

We are learning to find equivalent fractions

We are learning to simplify fractions

Please try the work below. ( Remember once you have finished you can check your work with a calculator)

Fantastic ( We will try simplifying today )

Spectacular (We are going to simplify a fraction as many times as possible)

For example –  Simplify fraction  6/18     = you can divide them both by 6, 3 or 2. You should use the highest number to divide with as it saves you time. See below

6/3 = 2 and 18/3=6  = 2/6   – Next step – 2/2 = 1 and 6/2 = 3 = So the fraction simplified is 1/3

6/6 = 1 and 18/6 = 3         Therefore 6/18 can be simplified to 1/3     ( QUICKER )


Writing – Reflective Friday

Please use the template below to have a think about what you have enjoyed working on this week and the skills you have learned. Remember to post them on our teams page, I enjoy looking through your reflections.

Reflective Friday template 1


Remember to use the spelling document and practice your words and the spelling rule again. Today you could ask an adult to test you by using a dictation, remember this is where we put the word into a sentence.


Learning Intention

We are learning to spell a set of words accurately using different activities.

ERIC reading

Instead of reading for fun today why not visit the website linked below:


Select a book of your own choosing and have a listen!

Word of the Day – “melancholy”

Remember to copy the word into the back page of your jotter, then find and record the definition.

Task:  Write a paragraph using the sentence starter below

“Evie was feeling so melancholy that she decided to go to mime school …”


For today’s Mandarin could you please research the country of China, I have attached a fact-file for you to complete.



Hope you have a fab weekend and see you back here on Tuesday, as Monday is a holiday. Enjoy!