P5M Learning Together At Home 15.05.20

Good afternoon P5M,

I hope you have enjoyed this week.  At home, my little girl loves acting out stories and films at the moment. We are having lots of fun playing at being different characters. It reminded me that I haven’t given you a drama game to try for a few weeks. This one might be fun to play today or over the weekend with your family.

Word at a Time Story

This is a great game to help with focus and teamwork. While facing each other or seated in a circle, the first player says a single word to begin the story. Progressing through the circle, the person on the left says the next word, and so on. The aim is to tell a comprehensive story through only one word exchanges. You could use a theme for the story such as ‘The best birthday ever’ or ‘A day at the beach’. The story must make sense; you are building sentences, not randomly throwing in funny words to try and get a laugh – although the story probably will be funny!

A variation of this game, if using just one word is too tricky, is that you could allow each player to say up to a maximum of 5 words to make the story flow better, this can also provide some interesting cliffhangers too.

You might also like to try these crafts which your Mandarin teacher, Mrs Fishwick, has provided us with.



Here are your Literacy and Maths tasks for today. I will be on teams as usual to answer any of your questions.

Mrs McFarlane

P5M 15.05.20

Shiny London Trip

Sparkly London Trip

Glittery Hogwarts Express

P5 Spelling Grid WB 11.05.20

Cursive Letter Formation

Reflective Friday 15.5.20