P1/2 Learning Together at Home 19.05.2020

Hello Learning Ladybirds! 

I hope you had a lovely extra day off yesterday – maybe you did some of the yummy baking I shared with you? 

Here is the plan for this week: 

Weekly Planner WB 18.05.2020

Here is the learning for today: 

Literacy-Numeracy Tuesday 19.05.2020

Topic: Mini Beasts Home Learning Grid



spider diagram template

Counting in 2s PowerPoint

1. Counting in 2s

2. Counting in 2s


Counting in 5s PowerPoint

Count in 5s


Counting in 10s


Counting in 10s

Please remember, the blog is here to support you at home – there is no expectation for you to do all or any of it. Please use it as you see fit. The main focus is you are happy, healthy and safe. 

I would like to reassure you that interaction via e-journals is not compulsory – you should use this as you see fit and manageable. It is lovely to see you having fun and learning and I am thankful to you for sharing – it makes me smile! I politely ask that you only post once per week on your child’s e-journal. Each post can include up to 4 photos (one of these can be the optional highlighted piece of learning for feedback). This will help us to make your posts more meaningful by managing the number of posts we receive each week.

Thanks again for all your hard work and effort, you are all doing an amazing job – I am very proud of you all.

Have fun and stay safe,

Miss McGhee