P3 Science – Tuesday 19 May


Remember last week, we began our investigation into the conditions needed for healthy plant growth.

You should have predicted what you thought might happen in each of the conditions using the sheet attached to the blog post last week (or in your jotter).

Watch this clip to find out the results of our investigation:

Here is a photo showing a summary of our results. What can you see? (What are your observations?)

Here is a closer view of the water and light tray:

Here is a close up of water but no light:

I’ve tried to get really close up to the water and light plants below. What do you think the little round balls are that you can see?

Here is a close up of the water but no light plants. What do you notice about their stems and leaves compared to the water and light plants?

Recording the Results and Writing a Conclusion

Your task today is to complete the sheet you started last week (on the blog on 12 May) to show the results of our investigation.

Draw a picture in each box to show what you observed and write a short note.

Finally, you need to write a conclusion. Our investigation was designed to help us find out the conditions needed to grow healthy plants. What do you think these are?

You might begin your conclusion by writing, ‘Plants need …….’ or you might begin,’ To grow into healthy plants, seeds need……..’.

Ask someone at home to help you with your conclusion if you are finding it tricky.

Here are some more photos that I took over the past week that I thought you might like to see:

The seeds began ‘drinking’ the water very early on. Look at the difference is size between the seeds that were given water and those that were not. Remember Sid the Seed drank loads and loads of water before he began to sprout.

A few days later, more stems and leaves began to grow. The water and light plants are on the left and the water and dark plants are on the right. What differences can you spot at this stage already?

I hope you all enjoyed our investigation. I know some of you also carried out the investigation at home. Let us all know on Teams if you got the same results.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Bailey