Tuesday 19th May 2020 – Learning at Home Together

Good Morning P4J 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the long weekend!

Below are the tasks for Tuesday.

Remember to complete the tasks set on Sumdog.


L.I We are learning to quickly and accurately recall addition facts.

Daily Morning Challenge: The Tuesday Ten!

This week, practise your addition skills on Daily 10 https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10 

Mild: Start at Level 1

Spicy: Start at Level 2

Hot: Start at Level 3

Either decrease your speed or increase the level to challenge your addition skills.


L.I We are learning to spell unfamiliar words using our spelling rule.

We are learning to identify and spell words with closed and open syllables.
Remember to listen for short or long vowels at the end of the first syllable.
Remember that each syllable must contain one vowel sound.

Check out the video below for a reminder:

Daily Spelling Activity Task: choose a different spelling activity from the pack that you have at home and remember to Look, Cover, Write, Check.

Spicy – padlock kidnap dentist goblin tiger unit pilot carpet picnic fever

Hot – blister mustard tunic sandwich  driver radish  robin driven napkin admit 

Tricky words – old sentence


L.I – We are learning to recognise half and quarter fractions.

Have a look at this video and try the quiz:


Mild: Complete all questions on the first page.

Spicy: Complete  all questions on the first page and questions 1 and 2 on the second page.

Hot: Complete all questions.


L.I: We are learning to ask questions about a text.

Weekly Reading Task: Read 20-30 pages of your reading book.

For this task, you should look at your Bloom’s question sheet from your home learning pack to help you.

Your task is to create three questions to ask the main character in your book. Your questions should each demonstrate a different Blooms skill (For example,  Remembering, Understanding, Applying).


Remember to read a book of your choice for pleasure every day for 30 minutes.

We are continuing to develop our listening skills by listening to Elevenses at 11am with The World of David Walliams. Find the link at Buckstone Buzz.


L.I. We are learning to write a newspaper article.

This task should be submitted through the ‘assignment box’ on Teams. Please use the submission box and do not post on the comments page. The assignment box will close on Friday. You can upload your work as a photo, pdf or word document. If you have problems uploading your work to Teams, you can email your work via admin.

Weekly Topic Task: Watch this video to help you with this task: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zkgcwmn/articles/zbsbwty

For this week’s task, you are a journalist for a national newspaper in 1912. You have just been told that the Titanic has sunk in the Atlantic Ocean and the survivors have been rescued by RMS Carpathia. It is your job to write an article for the front page to announce the sinking of the Titanic.

Either create your own newspaper template like the one below or download and print this newspaper template: newspaper template

You are writing for ‘The Belfast Times’.

  • Write a striking headline to grab the readers attention.
  • Write a subtitle to give a little more information.
  • Include the journalist’s name.
  • Write your first paragraph which tells the main facts of Who, What, Where, When, Why.
  • Write the rest of your article with more detail about the event.
  • Finish your article with a conclusion to explain what might happen next.

Star Steps

  • Information should be presented in chronological order.
  • You should write in the third person (he, she, it, they) and past tense.
  • Primary 4 non-negotiables.
  • Black and white illustration.
  • Include plenty of detail about the sinking of the Titanic to inform your readers.


Weekly French Task: Continue to work your way through the French challenges below.

French w.b 11.5.20 First Level

French expression of the week:

L.I: We are learning to develop our fitness.

Daily P.E Task:  choose a daily task to challenge yourself!


If you can’t access any of the links or have any questions, please ask on Teams 🙂

Have a lovely Tuesday Jumping Jigglypuffs 🙂