Building Resilience – Talk Things Over

Let’s revisit strategy five – Talk Things Over

At times we all feel worried. It is important to encourage children to share and talk about what they might be worried about. It can be difficult in bad times to believe that things will get better, but just like the weather, things will change at some point and better times will come.

We learned that:

 At times we all feel worried

 If worries are not dealt with, they can sometimes get out of control

 If you are struggling, it is important to ask for help


It is really important that we talk to someone we trust when we are worried or upset about something. If we do not then a little worry can become a much bigger one. During these uncertain times, little things can worry us but we do not always feel able to talk about them openly. Why not make a worry box for your family? Using a cardboard box, decorate or cover the box, adding your own decorations. Seal the box but make sure that there is an opening for the worries to be posted. Make sure that you have a supply of paper slips and a pen or pencil placed close to your worry box for all the family to use. Agree as a family when the worries will be shared and discussed – every morning, once a week or bedtime?

Encourage all members of the family to use the worry box – they may worry about the return to school, when they will next see their teachers or friends, when will things return to normal or about moving to high school. Talking opening about these things will help….even if we do not always have the answers.

A worry shared is a worry halved…