Learning together at home 20.5.20

Good morning everyone,

Below you will find your numeracy and literacy and drama tasks for today and tomorrow morning. Remember its well being Wednesday, so have a look at buckstone buzz for more information.  As always if you have any questions I will be on teams throughout the day to help.


Hope you are having lots of fun and learning new things from the science grid. Keep trying different activities this week.

Second Level Science Activities Grid

Bonjour la classe

This is the second week of our Modern languages grid, so keep trying different activities.

Week beg 11.5.20 P5 languages


Mental maths – Fractions

Yesterday to practice the work on fractions I set two SUMDOG challenges, one which focuses on equivalent fractions and the other is on simplifying. I have set a end date of Sunday for these challenges so please have a go at them both.


Time – Timetables

Learning Intention

We are learning read and interpret timetables

Have a look at the help guide below, i have posted this before but it helps with timetables as well as durations.

Practice game

Click on the link below for an interactive activity which will help you practice reading and interpreting timetables. There are three different levels to have a go at.


I have attached your work for today, choose the correct level of challenge depending on how confident you feel after playing the game. The answers are on the second page.


Fantastic tv


Spectacular tv


Group reading task

I hope you got on okay with your question writer task on Tuesday last week, its quite tricky to create good quality open questions. I have attached it again for you to use on your reading. Remember to do it before you begin this weeks reading.

Question writer

Reading groups

Below is your reading for the week, you could read it with your parents and they could use the blooms questions you were given. Lets try the next level up, that is the applying questions, use the examples in your pack.

Racehorse  –              Last week  – Page – 53 – 73

This week – Page – 74 – 94

GRK –              Last week  – Page – 101 – 121

This week – Page – 122 – 142

Belladonna –               Last week  – 101 – 121

This week – Page – 122 – 142

Penguin –                   Last week  – 52 – 68

This week – Page – 69 – 85

ERIC reading

Please try to spend time each day completing silent reading.

If you would like to listen to Steven Fry reading a chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, click on the link below.



I have attached your words for the week as well as some tasks for you to do each day to practice.


Learning Intention

We are learning to spell a set of words accurately using different activities

Word of the Day – “astonished”

I will be introducing a word of the day, every day. Copy each word into the back page of your jotter, which will become a word bank.  Find the definition and record this too.

Additional task:  Write a paragraph using the sentence starter below

Mrs Wordsmith stood in astonished silence as the UFO opened its hatch.


Here are some Drama games to play if you have time

Tongue Twisters 

Start by scrunching up your face and make it as small as possible for a couple of seconds. Then stretch your expressions to make them as wide as they can go. Wiggle your nose, then pretend to chew on an imaginary piece of bubblegum, blow a huge bubble and then pop it. Now try the following tongue twisters…

*        I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

*        Red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry, yellow lorry

*        A proper copper coffee pot

*        She sells seashells on the seashore

*        A big black bug bit a big black bear

*        If a dog chews shoes, whose shoes does he choose?

*        Six slimy snails slid slowly seaward

*        If a black bug bleeds black blood, what colour blood does a blue bug bleed?

Ideally, start by saying the tongue twisters slowly together. Once confident, you can ask each child to say it on their own. You could also try using a stage voice or silly voice or you could take this up a level by assigning an emotion to each tongue twister; for example, you could try angry ones, happy ones, sad ones, and so on. Or even better, as a challenge, you can try to gradually increase the emotion per turn (this works well even if it’s just two players).


Charades or other miming games where someone has to act out a scene, a book, film or TV show are a good way of focusing on non-verbal communication and concentration skills.


Hope you have a good day and remember to check back tomorrow