Learning Together at Home. P1 Divine Dragonflies 20.05.2020

Good morning my Dragonflies!

Today is going to be a lovely day, so please enjoy the weather as much as you can.

Remember that today is our Wellbeing Wednesday: Talk things over. Look at Buckstone Buzz blog for more information from Mrs Conlin.



Literacy Activities

Learning Intention

  • We are learning to listen to a story and answer questions.
  • We are learning to read.
  • Reading skill: We are learning to predict what the story will be about.

Success criteria

  • I can recall information from a text to answer a question.
  • I can read the words in the text.
  • I can make a sensible prediction linked to the title, the pictures on the front cover and the pictures in the book.


Today our focus sound is cr. This is an initial blend, please see the video with Geraldine about initial blends.


The children know Jack Hartmann so they will like this video too: What is a blend?



I have attached the sound PowerPoint to the blog. Please use these to introduce each sound.

cr sound

  • Examples: crab, crack, crop, crash

Use the words above to make flash cards!

Word games

  • Hopscotch wordsimg_4158
  • Flashcardsimg_4156


Be Geraldine

Be Geraldine, have a look around your house and see if there are any words featuring the cr sound.


Tricky words

This week are: any and many. Please practise spelling and reading these words. To practise recognising these words give your child a highlighter and see how many they can find in a book!




Comprehension skills: Listen to an adult read the story, can you tell them what the story is about? Can you use your own words to tell the story? Are there any new words? Are there any words that you could use instead of a word (synonyms)?

Lizards:  Can you see me? (Stage 1+) Please be careful as there is another book with the same tittle.

Dolphins: Moths!

Lions: By the stream.

Cheetahs: Stuck in the mud.

Challenge: Please do not sneeze.


Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Learning Intention

I am learning to explore numbers, understanding that they represent quantities, and I am learning to use them to count, create sequences and describe order.

Success Criteria

  • I can understand that when counting objects, the number name of the last object counted is the name given to the total number of objects in the group.
  • I can count in 2s.
  • I can count in 5s.
  • I can count in 10s.


At school we learned to count in twos. Today we are going to review that learning and we are going to do an extension it for those who are ready.

Please, if you feel that your child should still be working on counting on 2s continue to practice this until they are ready to move to the next stage.

Warm up

Mild: Count in 2s



Spicy: Count in 5s



Hot: Count in 10s

This is a super-hot challenge and please don’t feel you have to try it if your child is not ready.



t-n-2544731-counting-in-tens 2nd day-activity-sheets_ver_1



Fantastic resource from the Royal Botanic Garden about Snails.



General ideas


Greetings’ song



  • Bonjour – Hello. Formal and informal. Acceptable in all situations.
  • Salut – Hi. Informal and mostly between friends.
  • Coucou – Hiya. Very informal. Between friends only or to greet young children.
  • Bonsoir – Good evening. Specific to very late in the day.

Saying goodbye

  • Au revoir – For all situations!

Ideas of how to do this naturally:

Greet your child in French in the morning! “Bonjour! Ça va?”

Play peek-a-boo: hide behind your hands then say “Coucou!”

Asking people in the family “Ça va?” Encouraging them to reply “Ça va bien merci!” so that your child can see an interaction.

Puppets: next time you are playing, act out a scene with teddies. “Bonjour monsieur! Comment allez-vous? Ça va bien, Madame. Et vous?”


Virtual Spring tour




Investigating Shadows

On a sunny morning, stand outside and ask someone to draw around your shadow.   Stand in the same place two more times throughout the day and compare the shadows.   What can you say about them?

Design an animal house

Explore human and animal architecture and create a home for an animal of your choice in this Art and Science project.



Physical Education

Daily Mile

Why don’t you try to run/walk a daily mile activity by using space in your garden or nearby green space to run, jog and move around?

Task: Responsibility & Leadership

Can you take your parent/carer outside and play “Follow the leader”?

Task : Respect & Tolerance

 Can you let your parent or brother/sister take the lead during “Follow the leader”?


Expressive Arts


You could have a look at the National Galleries weekly activity:


Do you have ready your entry for the National Galleries Art Competition? I would love to see your Art work.


Remember that there is a family entry too:




Dancebase an Edinburgh based company is running free online classes every week:



Have a Wonderful Wednesday and enjoy the lovely weather!


Mrs de Bonrostro