P3 Handwriting – Wednesday 20 May

Good afternoon!

I hope you are all well on this beautiful, sunny day.

I’m trying a different approach today for handwriting and have recorded a video on YouTube. Normally, I can only record very short clips at a time to ensure the videos will upload successfully. I thought it might be easier just to have one video for you to watch and pause when you need to.

Today, we are learning to form the letters r, e, i and t correctly in cursive handwriting.

If you have previously been working on forming non-cursive letters, continue to do so unless you feel you’d like to have a go at some cursive letters.

If you have been writing longer passages (poems etc), continue to do this by copying from a text you have at home.

Remember our Star Steps:

  • Correct pencil grip
  • Good posture
  • Start all letters at the same place, on the line
  • Keep your pencil on the paper until you have finished a word

You might want to warm up your hands before you begin:

Is your pencil sharp enough? Great! Write today’s date in your jotter.

Watch the clip below and pause it when you need time to write a row of letters. Remember to take your time!

Here are some words for you to write using the letters we are working on today. Careful when joining from r to e – it’s quite tricky!

Here are some more. Look at the third ‘fire’ that I have written. If you were giving me some feedback about the f, what might you say to me? Should it have come down that far?

Don’t forget to self-assess. Green for great and pink for think (or practice).