P3 Science – Wednesday 20 May


We’ve had a look at some seeds growing into some healthy and not so healthy plants and now know the conditions needed for healthy growth.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at seeds.

A quick activity to get us started!

Here is a photo I have taken of some seeds. There are chia seeds, mustard cress seeds, sunflower seeds, corn kernels and a runner bean seed. With help from someone at home, see if you can identify some or all of the seeds:

Here is a photo I have taken of some other parts of a plant. You will be able to identify these.

The difference between the seeds and the other parts of the plant that I have shown you, is that the seeds have the potential to grow. (Some plants can be grown by taking cuttings but generally, the parts of a plant I have shown you here will not grow if I put them in soil or water.)

Here is a close up of the runner bean seed.

When seeds begin the process of growing into plants, it is called germination.

Seeds have a seed coat which protects everything inside until it is ready to germinate. They won’t start to germinate until they have water, air and the right temperature. The seed coat takes in the water and oxygen (air) to begin with and this helps the seed to get energy to grow from its own food store which it stores inside.

Inside the seed, there are tiny roots, leaves and a stem (this is called the embryo). The seed coat breaks open once the water is taken in and the root comes out first. The shoot comes out next and this contains the stem and leaves.

Here is the seed coat from one of our mustard cress plants we grew. It’s not very clear, but hopefully you can see how it has burst open.

I have placed the runner bean seed in some water and am going to observe what happens to it over time. I’ll upload photos to show you.

If you have seeds in the house, you might want to try this too. You could draw what happens to the seed before and after it is placed in the water.

In the meantime, have a look at this clip to help your understanding:

I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Bailey