P3M Learning Together at Home Wednesday 20.5.20

Hello everyone

I hope that you enjoyed the long weekend and managed to have some time outdoors to look at how nature is blooming all around us. I love seeing  the bluebells on my walks up the Braids.

Here are your learning activities for today:


Mental Maths

Complete the following addition and subtraction fact family:

6 + 3 = 9

3 + 6 = —–

9 – 3 = —–

9 – 6 = —–

Now, complete the family for these in the same way:

2 + 9 = 11

7 + 6 = 13

9 + 7 = 16

6 + 9 = 15

If you would like a challenge, have a go at some multiplication and division fact families:

3 x 6 = 18

4 x 8 = 32

5 x 6 = 30

8 x 5 = 40


We are continuing to focus on measure and today we are going to use rulers to do some measuring work.

Sometimes in maths we have to make an estimate of how long or heavy or wide something is. Estimate is just another word for guess

Take a new page in your jotter or draw a line with a ruler under your last piece of work. Write the heading – Measure and today’s date 20.5.20.

Estimate(guess) the following and write the answers in your jotter:

a. The width of your jotter. (Across the page).

b. The length of your jotter. (Up and down the page).

c. The length of your longest finger.

d. The height of the table you are working at.

Now use your ruler to measure each of the above and write down the answers in your jotter.  REMEMBER it is really important to start measuring from where the lines begin. We don’t begin measuring from the very end of the ruler.

How did you get on? Were your estimates close to the real thing?

In your jotter, use your ruler to draw and label  lines which measure:-

a. 3 cm    b. 9 cm    c. 14 cm    d. 1 cm

e. 16 cm   f. 7 cm    g. 4 cm       h. 23 cm

Use your ruler to draw each of these shapes carefully and accurately.

a. A rectangle measuring 6cm long and 2cm wide.

b. A rectangle measuring 8cm long and 5cm wide.

c. A square with all its sides 5 cm.

For more practice, you could play this game on Topmarks.




Complete an activity from the spelling grid to help you learn your new words.


Choose an activity from the document posted last week. For most of you, these activities might be based on an online resource, a book you have at home or one of the books sent home from school in March that you have decided to read again.

Tigers, continue to work on ‘Such a Fuss’.

Remember to complete the reading comprehension activity about ‘ The Weed’. This should be submitted on Teams by Friday.


Don’t forget to have some BEAR time every day. Find a book you really enjoy, even if it is one you have read before. I started reading a book my daughter and husband had really enjoyed but I didn’t like it,  so I found another one !

Remember to look at the separate science and handwriting posts today.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine.